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10:54 [The Conversation] (E)
The long history of how Jesus came to resemble a white European
The earliest images of Jesus Christ emerged in the first through third centuries A.D., amidst concerns about idolatry. They were less about capturing the actual appearance of Christ than about clarifying his role as a ruler or as a savior. To clearly indicate these roles, early Christian artists often relied on syncretism, meaning they combined visual formats from other cultures. Probably the most popular syncretic image is Christ as the Good Shepherd, a beardless, youthful figure based on pagan representations of Orpheus, Hermes and Apollo. In other common depictions, Christ wears the toga or other attributes of the emperor. The theologian Richard Viladesau argues that the mature bearded Christ, with long hair in the “Syrian” style, combines characteristics of the Greek god Zeus and the Old Testament figure Samson, among others
8:07 [Global Research] (E)
The Roots of American Demonization of Shi’a Islam
The US targeted assassination, via drone strike, of Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, apart from a torrent of crucial geopolitical ramifications, once again propels to center stage a quite inconvenient truth: the congenital incapacity of so-called US elites to even attempt to understand Shi’ism – thus 24/7 demonization, demeaning not only Shi’as by also Shi’a-led governments.
14:24 [Strategika 51] (F)
Turquie: résurgence affirmée du nationalisme néo-ottoman et nouvelle posture stratégique
Le Conseil d’Etat turc a révoqué le statut de musée de l’ancienne mosquée d’Hagia Sophia, permettant ainsi au président turc Tayep Reçep Erdogan de décider de sa reconversion en mosquée 86 ans après la décision de Mustafa Kemal Atatürk de la transformer en musée et le léguer à l’humanité.
17:57 [Balkanblog] (D)
Deutsche Politiker, Professoren und der Organhandel mit der KLA-UCK im Kosovo
März 6, 2019 - Alles muss vertuscht werden, obwohl man die Namen weiß und sogar eine ZDF Dokument gibt es, den Dirk Marty Bericht und die KFOR – NATO Banden vertuschten die Umtriebe der Hashim Thaci Leute, obwohl die Banden ein Stockwerk hatten im Mutter Theresa Krankenhaus in Tirana, hermetisch abgeschirmt.
8:52 [Global Research] (E)
Colonial Drug Trafficking and the British Empire "This global observance is to raise awareness of the major problem that illicit drugs represent to society" United Nations
By resolution 42/112 of 7 December 1987, the UN General Assembly decided to observe 26 June as the International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking as an expression of its determination to strengthen action and cooperation to achieve the goal of an international society free of drug abuse. Raise awareness? Rarely acknowledged, (“legal”) drug trafficking was initiated by the British Empire. There is continuity. The colonial label has been scrapped. Today the (“illicit”) drug trade is a multibillion dollar operation.
14:35 [Sanktionslisten.DE] (D)
Was sind Sanktionslisten?
Sanktionslisten sind offizielle Namenslisten, die von verschiedenen nationalen und internationalen Behörden veröffentlicht werden. Hier sind Unternehmen, natürliche Personen und Organisationen aufgeführt, die bestimmten wirtschaftlichen oder rechtlichen Sanktionen und Embargos unterliegen.
9:29 [Telepolis] (D)
US-Kongress: Neue Sanktionen gegen Syrien und "Helfer" von Baschar al-Assad
18. Dezember 2019/Thomas Pany - Grundlage sind Foltervorwürfe, die von Fotos des syrischen Flüchtlings "Caesar" unterlegt werden; Ziel ist es, den Wiederaufbau des Landes so schwer wie möglich zu machen. Der US-Senat bewilligte gestern den Verteidigungsetat 2020 in Höhe von 735 Milliarden US-Dollar. Dem Haushaltsgesetz NDAA 2020 waren auch Sanktionen angehängt, die die Türkei betreffen, North Stream 2 und Syrien.
18:04 [] (E)
Who Really Infiltrates the Peaceful Protests?
by Ted Snider - As anti-black racism protests have spread across America, police and governments have highlighted alleged protest infiltrators in an attempt to turn down the sincerity and legitimacy of the protests and to justify the use of force against protesters. But an honest look at history reveals that the infiltrators have not historically been law breakers but law enforcers. By 1967, there was not a single demonstration that the CIA wasn’t helping security forces to police. That, in itself was illegal, as the surveilling gaze of the CIA, by law, must always be cast outside American borders. Its prying eyes can never be bent within those borders on its own citizens. But providing security against the demonstrators, it turned out, was not the worst thing the CIA was doing. They weren’t just policing the demonstrations; they were participating in them. The CIA had infiltrated the antiwar movement.
17:50 [] (E)
How an Internet ‘Persona’ Helped Birth Russiagate
by Ray McGovern - Four years ago today, on June 15, 2016, a shadowy Internet persona calling itself “Guccifer 2.0” appeared out of nowhere to claim credit for hacking emails from the Democratic National Committee on behalf of WikiLeaks and implicate Russia by dropping “telltale” but synthetically produced Russian “breadcrumbs” in his metadata. Thanks largely to the corporate media, the highly damaging story actually found in those DNC emails – namely, that the DNC had stacked the cards against Bernie Sanders in the party’s 2016 primary – was successfully obscured. The media was the message; and the message was that Russia had used G-2.0 to hack into the DNC, interfering in the November 2016 election to help Donald Trump win....Blaming Russia was a magnificent distraction from the start and quickly became the vogue.
17:39 [The Scott Horton Show] (E)
Ray McGovern on the USS Liberty, Israel, and the Slow Death of ‘Russiagate’
Scott talks to Ray McGovern about the June 8th anniversary of the USS Liberty attack, a U.S. ship that was fired on by Israeli forces during the 1967 Six-Day War. The Israelis claimed the attack had been an accident, but evidence at the time—not to mention a more recent investigation—showed that it was really an intentional attack. More than 30 sailors were killed and over 100 injured, yet all the survivors were ordered to keep silent under pain of court martial, and such orders went all the way up to President Johnson. More than anything, says McGovern, this proves just how much influence Israel has always had over our own government. Little has changed to this day. Scott and McGovern also return to the dying “Russiagate” story, which continues to fall apart thanks to recently publicized evidence undermining many of the narrative’s central claims from almost the very beginning.
13:46 [Reallygraceful] (E)
Who Controls the Gates Family?
In this video, I talk about how Starbucks, Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Microsoft, and the Gates family are all tied to an elite, shadowy consulting firm. *These mini-documentaries are always completely sourced. Every fact or claim made is from what is considered a "reputable source", and the links are always pinned as the top comment under video.
22:32 [Die Freiheitsliebe] (D)
Was hat Israel mit Kolonialismus zu tun?
Reflexionen über den kolonialen Charakter Israels bilden einen wesentlichen Baustein in den Veröffentlichungen des weltweit renommierten kamerunischen Politologen und Theoretiker des Postkolonialismus Achille Mbembe, der nun in Deutschland des Antisemitismus verdächtigt worden ist. Dieser koloniale Charakter Israels wird hier in seiner Entstehung beschrieben, als um 1900 die Weltmacht Großbritannien die Diskriminierung und Verfolgung der jüdischen Bevölkerung im Zarenreich und deren aufkommenden Nationalismus für ihre kolonialen Zwecke nutzbar machte.
13:20 [China Daily HK] (E)
How we sold Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia for plastic shopping bags
For months, this has been a story that I have wanted to share with young readers in Hong Kong. Now it seems to be the really appropriate time, when the ideological battle between some West superpowers and China is raging, and as a result of it, Hong Kong and the entire world is suffering. I want to say that none of it is new, that the West superpowers already destabilized so many countries and territories, brainwashed tens of millions of young people. I know, because in the past, I was one of them. If I weren’t, it would be impossible to understand what is now happening in Hong Kong.
15:09 [Blauer Bote] (D)
Bill Gates: Weltbevölkerung um 10-15% reduzieren
Man liest immer wieder, Bill Gates wolle die Bevölkerung der Erde durch Impfen und „Gesundheitsmaßnahmen“ um 10-15% reduzieren. Außerdem liest man auch immer wieder, man sei total irre, wenn man so etwas behauptet. Hier kann man im Transkript nachlesen, was Bill Gates 2010 wirklich in einer Rede zu dem Thema gesagt hat: „First, we’ve got population. The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent. But there, we see an increase of about 1.3.“
23:35 [Off-Guardian] (E)
A Conspiracy Theorist Confesses
Thus we come to the glaring contradiction at the heart of the concept of the loony conspiracy theorist. Conspiracy theorists are both imbeciles, who don’t have any proof to back up anything they say, while simultaneously being dangerous subversives who threaten to destabilise democracy and foment chaos. Which is it? It can’t be both. Unless society is so fragile it cannot withstand the opinions of idiots.
11:55 [IVERIS] (F)
Corée du Nord : disparition et réapparition de Kim Jong-Un, le dessous des cartes…
Que s’est-il passé, en Corée du Nord, entre le 12 avril et le 25 mai 2020 ? En réalité, la veille de sa « disparition », le 11 avril, d’importants changements avaient déjà eu lieu dans le saint des saints : le Comité des Affaires d’État (C.A.E), organe suprême de l’exécutif nord-coréen. Cinq des treize membres de ce comité étaient remplacés par de nouvelles figures. Le Général Ri Son-Gwon nommé ministre des Affaires Étrangères en janvier 2020, entrait au C.A.E, confirmant ainsi un retour de l’Armée Populaire de Corée à la direction opérationnelle du pays. Le lendemain, le 12 une réunion du Praesidium de l’Assemblée Populaire entérinait ce renouvellement partiel du C.A.E.
10:09 [Entre la Plume et l`Enclume] (F)
La bombe de Avner Cohen arrive en France
Avec la traduction française de son livre de 1998 Israël et la bombe, par les éditions Demi-Lune, Avner Cohen entreprend une nouvelle offensive tout-à-fait d’actualité, car les méthodes israéliennes n’ont pas changé, ni les enjeux. En effet, l’histoire de l’armement nucléaire israélien, c’est une histoire de trahison de citoyens français, depuis 1953 et malgré les efforts de De Gaulle pour y mettre un terme: Guy Mollet, mais pas seulement, Bourgès-Maunoury, et apparemment tout ce que la haute administration, la technologie nucléaire, et de grands patrons du BTP compte de citoyens français juifs, se sont mis au service d’un État étranger, dans le dos des Français, parfois dans l’illégalité la plus complète, pour d’énormes cadeaux ne faisant jamais l’objet d’un vote au Parlement, de reconnaissance par l’exécutif, ni de dévoilement dans la presse.
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