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Gleich Kindern laßt ihr euch betrügen, Bis ihr zu spät erkennt, o weh! – Die Wacht am Rhein wird nicht genügen, Der schlimmste Feind steht an der Spree.
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17:53 [RT] (D)
Peking warnt erneut: Jeder Spaltungsversuch wird mit "gebrochenen Knochen" enden
Der Präsident der Volksrepublik China hat davor gewarnt, dass jeder Versuch, China zu spalten nicht gut für die Akteure enden wird.
11:11 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
Why Russia and China Stand Together
The capitalist world is in decay. The West is rotting. Anger and nihilism are pouring from the imperialist empire whose citizens are frustrated; not at peace with themselves. Imperialist North America and Europe are furious at the countries like Venezuela and Cuba because their thinkers and leaders are exposing the terrible deterioration of values which is streaming from the neo-colonialist and historically imperialist countries. But it is China and Russia who are at the forefront of spite of the Western nation and their propagandists. It is all grotesque, now.
9:41 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
The Last Moments of Indonesia as We Know It
Student protests, West Papua independence struggle, monstrous forest fires, an earthquake and a collapsing economy – the increasingly religiously fundamentalist Indonesia is suddenly facing too many disasters. It cannot cope with any of them. Nothing seems to be going well for Indonesia, these days. People in West Papua are rebelling; an earthquake has devastated several communities in Ambon. The economy is slowing down, and is expected to grow only below 5%, while the population is skyrocketing, out of control.
20:03 [Asia Times] (E)
Tracking foreign interference in Hong Kong
Lawrence YK Ma is the executive council chairman of the Hong Kong Legal Exchange Foundation and director of the China Law Society, the Chinese Judicial Studies Association and the Hong Kong Legal Exchange Foundation. He also finds time to teach law at Nankai University in Tianjin. Ma is the go-to expert in what is arguably the most sensitive subject in Hong Kong: He meticulously tracks perceived foreign interference in the Special Administrative Region (SAR).
13:15 [Press TV] (E)
China: US visa restrictions guided by ‘sinister intentions’
China has slammed a decision by the United States to restrict visas for Chinese officials whom Washington says are involved in rights violations against Muslim minorities in the far-western region of Xinjiang, calling on the US to withdraw the measure.
6:49 [NachDenkSeiten] (D)
Was will die Protestbewegung in Hongkong erreichen?
Um die Antwort gleich vorwegzunehmen: Ich weiß es nicht, aber, noch schlimmer: die Protestler, die täglich auf die Straße gehen, wissen es selber nicht.
8:52 [Infoguerre] (F)
La stratégie de puissance de la Chine à propos des terres rares
En 2010, la Chine extrait 93% des terres rares dans le monde et possède plus de 99% des réserves mondiales de certaines variétés les plus prisées. Ces matières premières constituent un composant essentiel dans la fabrication de biens tels que les téléphones portables, les batteries, les téléviseurs LED et autres produits technologiques. Le Japon est alors le principal acheteur de terres rares chinoises depuis de nombreuses années et les utilise à diverses fins industrielles, notamment pour la fabrication de verre pour panneaux solaires.
8:46 [Strategika 51] (F)
Guerre hybride par ingénierie du chaos contre la Chine à Hong Kong: un faux photographe masqué pris en flagrant délit de manipulation
Regardez bien le comportement du pseudo photographe masqué qui se comporte en véritable agent de subversion et de déstabilisation. Video
21:16 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Global Opinion On China Is Divided
China has marked the 70th anniversary of Communist Party rule with a parade involving 15,000 soldiers and advanced military hardware. However, as Statista`s Niall McCarthy notes, the celebrations have been overshadowed by the outbreak of fierce anti-government protests in Hong Kong which have occurred in defiance of a protest ban.
21:15 [German Foreign Policy] (E)
The Lessons of History (I) - Penetrate and Plunder
Since Berlin`s ceremonial reception of a secessionist from Hong Kong, the People`s Republic of China has been reducing its working relations with Germany. Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi canceled a series of bilateral meetings with his German counterpart Heiko Maas.
9:42 [Strategika 51] (F)
Hong Kong: qu’est-ce qui pousse des jeunes de 18 ans ne connaissant que le monde des jeux vidéo à s’attaquer à des policiers armés ?
Avec le lancement mondial de Call of Duty Mobile ®, les choses ne sont pas prêtes de s’arranger pour les jeunes et parfois très jeunes manifestants de Hong Kong… Mais la vraie vie est fort différente d’un jeu vidéo en ligne comme le prouve cette vidéo de l’incident d’hier durant lequel un manifestant hong-kongais a reçu un coup de feu en s’attaquant à un policier lynché par un groupe de jeunes armés de bâtons et de cocktails Molotov.
15:00 [Voltaire Network] (E)
Hong Kong, the Treaty of Nanjing Returns
Clearly, some young people in Hong Kong have adopted British culture - after the handover to China of their special province. They do not know the history of their country and what they owe to the Peoples’ Republic of China. For their great grandparents, London had brought only misery and desolation, causing the collapse of the Middle Kingdom.
11:26 [L`Expression] (F)
Missiles, drones, bombardiers La Chine dévoile ses nouvelles armes
Pékin a sorti le grand jeu en présentant pour la première fois la crème de la crème de ses missiles balistiques intercontinentaux: l’immense DF-41 («Vent d’Est-41»). D’une grande portée (14.000 km), il pourrait toucher tout point des Etats-Unis, avec 3 à 10 têtes nucléaires.
21:51 [Voltaire Netzwerk] (D)
Hongkong: der Vertrag von Nanjing kehrt zurück
Offensichtlich haben einige junge Menschen in Hongkong nach der Übergabe ihrer speziellen Provinz an China die britische Kultur übernommen. Sie kennen die Geschichte ihres Landes nicht und wissen nicht, was sie der Volksrepublik China verdanken. Für ihre Urgroßeltern hatte London nur Elend und Verwüstung gebracht, was zum Zusammenbruch des Reiches der Mitte führte.
21:35 [German Foreign Policy] (D)
Die Lehren der Geschichte (I) - Durchdringen und plündern
Die Volksrepublik China reduziert nach dem feierlichen Empfang für einen Separatisten aus Hongkong in Berlin ihre Arbeitsbeziehungen mit Deutschland. So hat der chinesische Außenminister Wang Yi eine Reihe bilateraler Treffen mit seinem deutschen Amtskollegen Heiko Maas abgesagt; Zollerleichterungen für deutsche Autokonzerne stehen in Frage.
9:30 [The Unz Review] (E)
Reason Why West Is Determined to Ignore China`s Success
It used to be comical, but suddenly it is not, anymore. In the past, blind hatred towards China could had been attributed to ignorance, or at least to indoctrination by the Western propaganda and mass media outlets. But now? China’s tremendous leap forward, its excellent, humane social policies and determined people-oriented scientific research, as well as its march towards a so-called “ecological civilization” are well-documented, to the point that if anyone really wants to know, he or she has plenty of opportunities to learn the truth.
14:26 [Press TV] (E)
China expected to unveil nuclear missile capable of reaching US in 30 minutes: Media
China is reportedly expected to unveil a nuclear-armed missile that could reach the United States in just 30 minutes during a parade celebrating the 70th anniversary of Communist rule in the country, amid heightened political, military and economic tensions with Washington.
21:57 [Sputnik news] (F)
Un porte-avions US tombe dans un «piège» en mer de Chine méridionale - images
Le porte-avions de l’US Navy USS Ronald Reagan qui se dirigeait sans escorte vers Manille est tombé dans un «piège» en mer de Chine méridionale, selon les médias chinois.
9:24 [Réseau International] (F)
La Chine, de Mao à nos jours : un bilan époustouflant
Les Chinois s’apprêtent à célébrer le 70ème anniversaire de la République populaire de Chine, proclamée par Mao Zedong le 1er octobre 1949. – Il y a 70 ans, la Chine était un pays dévasté par la guerre et d’une pauvreté inouïe. – Son économie représentait 1% du PIB mondial. – Composée à 90% de paysans, la population avait le niveau de vie le plus bas du monde. – L’espérance de vie était de 40 ans. – Il y avait 80% d’analphabètes.
14:34 [Global Research] (E)
Will China’s Belt and Road (BRI) Diplomacy Facilitate a Rapprochement Between Myanmar and Bangladesh?
China’s active diplomatic efforts in trying to resolve the “Rohingya” issue can facilitate a rapprochement between Myanmar and Bangladesh that strengthens their trilateral cooperation through the Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) and secures a second corridor for Beijing to the Afro-Asian (“Indian”) Ocean complementing the one that it’s already pioneered through the global pivot state of Pakistan via CPEC.
21:02 [Makadomo] (D)
Flughafen Peking-Daxing eröffnet
Pünktlich zum 70. Geburtstag fertiggestellt. Im Reich der Superlative, immerhin leben in der VR China mit Abstand die meisten Menschen, wurde jetzt der weltgrößte Flughafen Peking-Daxing nach nur vierjähriger Bauzeit eröffnet, die größte integrierte Transportdrehscheibe der Welt, wobei nach 2021 rund 100 Millionen Passagiere jährlich abgefertigt werden sollen.
15:32 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
Will the Carcass of Indonesian Infrastructure be Really Revived by Big Business?
Outside the Indonesian city of Palangkaraya in Central Kalimantan (Borneo island), the new airport is totally empty. A lonely Cessna flies around, performing “touch and go” maneuvers, perhaps training some corrupt businessman how to fly. Two scheduled flights, one from Balikpapan, and the other from Jakarta, are delayed. No reason is given.
7:30 [Global Times] (E)
China’s development offers worthy lessons
China`s development during the last 70 years is a remarkable story. Severely impacted by war during the first half of the 20th century, it rose to heights that no nation of that time could imagine. Now an example for the rest of developing countries, China is leaping toward becoming the largest economy.
22:06 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
Hong Kong is Scared – of the Rioters
It was once a British police station, as well as the Victoria Prison Compound. Hong Kong inhabitants used to tremble just from hearing its name mentioned. This is where people were detained, interrogated, humiliated, tortured and disappeared. Now, after Hong Kong ‘returned to China’, it was converted into the Tai Kwun Center – one of the biggest and the most vibrant art institutions in Asia. This transformation was symbolic, the same as the conversion of the former British-era slums into public parks has been symbolic.
1:31 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel’s visit to China
Vladimir Terehov - A 3-day visit to China by Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, who was accompanied by a sizable delegation, began on 6 September. The visit itself and its outcomes are quite telling and indicative of the ever increasing pace of the radical transformation the current world order is undergoing. This is Angela Merkel’s 12th official trip to the PRC during her chancellorship. And the penultimate visit occurred only 15 months ago. It is worth highlighting that the Chancellor is viewed as the most important politician among her European counterparts in Beijing and, hence, she is invariably accorded a great degree of attention.
8:36 [Asia Times] (E)
On the ground, feeling the pulse of Protest Hong Kong
What’s going on deep down in Hong Kong? For a former resident with deep cultural and emotional ties to the Fragrant Harbor, it’s quite hard to take it all in just within the framework of cold geopolitical logic. Master filmmaker Wong Kar-Wai once said that when he came up with the idea for Happy Together, he decided to shoot the story of his characters in Buenos Aires because that was as far away from Hong Kong as possible.
15:49 [Unseen Japan] (E)
Tourists` Treatment of Kyoto`s Apprentice Geisha Is Only Getting Worse
The huge influx of tourists to Kyoto has brought with it a string of nasty behavior towards the city`s most famous residents.
15:46 [Politica-comment] (D)
Chinas Regierung schäumt über Auftritt von Hongkong-Aktivist Wong in Berlin
Als ich am Dienstag dieser Woche die Tageszeitung China Daily aufschlug – ich befinde mich zur Zeit auf einer Rundreise in China – da fand sich auf Seite 3 eine Nachricht mit der Ueberschrift: “Berlin hit for meeting SAR Separatist” Und dann: China blasted Germany on Tuesday over a meeting between Foreign Minister Heiko Maas and Hongkong Separatist Joshua Wong Chi Fung, urging Germany to keep its promise, and avoid sending the wrong signals to Hongkong radicals and secessionists.
15:35 [Mint Press News] (E)
The NED Strikes Again: How Neocon Money is Funding the Hong Kong Protests
The West has more to do with the Hong Kong protest movement than it would like us to know. It’s the ugly face of Washington’s long-standing foreign policy directed at destabilizing one of its long-standing economic foes: China. It’s been a summer of unrest in Hong Kong, and the Western mainstream press has been in uproar providing non-stop coverage of what they’ve described as a “pro-democracy movement fighting for freedom” against the repressive Chinese government. Since March, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets each week, clashing with police and security forces, escalating into a fight over who should control Hong Kong’s future.
13:49 [RT] (E)
Western media portrays Hong Kong hooligans as heroes. But are they?
Whenever Hong Kong protesters are destroying public property, there are no cameras of Western media outlets in sight. But when police decide to intervene, protecting their city, Western media crusaders emerge in full force. On Sunday, huge US flags were waving in the air. A massive demonstration, consisting of mainly young people, was moving up from the old British-built downtown area of the city towards the US Consulate General, often erroneously called the “embassy.”
21:47 [RT] (D)
JP Morgan stellt klar: Taiwan und Hongkong gehören zu China
Die Leitung der US-Bank JP Morgan will sicherstellen, dass seine Mitarbeiter Hongkong, Macau und das selbstverwaltete Taiwan nicht als von China unabhängige Länder betrachten. Anderenfalls wäre die Zukunft des Unternehmens in dieser Region in Gefahr.
3:17 [Global Times] (E)
‘Balance of power’ a strategic trap for India
In an article titled "The India Dividend: New Delhi Remains Washington`s Best Hope in Asia," which was published in the September/October edition of Foreign Affairs magazine, authors Robert D. Blackwill, a Henry A. Kissinger senior fellow for US foreign policy at the Council on Foreign Relations, and Ashley J. Tellis, senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, noted that for the US-Indian partnership to bear fruit, both sides must recognize that their primary shared interest is to balance a rising China - and not expect a close alliance or alignment on all major policy issues.
7:21 [Asialyst] (F)
Le Cambodge entre sanctions européennes et opportunités chinoises
Partant d’un niveau de revenu très faible, le Cambodge, avec ses 16 millions d’habitants, est depuis dix ans l’économie la plus dynamique d’Asie. Sa croissance, très inégalement répartie, crée de nombreux emplois salariés. Elle est tirée par l’exportation d’habillement et la construction dopée par la Chine.
20:44 [Anti-Spiegel] (D)
Chinesische Propaganda oder Wahrheit? Unterstützt der Westen aktiv die Proteste in Hongkong?
China und Hongkong machen seit Monaten Schlagzeilen. Was steckt hinter den Protesten und was ist dran an dem chinesischen Vorwurf, die Demonstranten würden vom Westen unterstützt?Ursprünglich richteten sich die Proteste gegen ein Gesetz, das die Auslieferung von Straftäter an andere chinesische Regionen erlauben sollte. Grund war ein Taiwanese, der in Taiwan wegen Mordes gesucht wurde und sich in Hongkong vor dem Strafverfahren versteckt hatte. Die westlichen Medien stellten es aber so dar, als wenn es um die Auslieferung von Regimekritikern nach China ginge.
20:39 [Querdenkende] (D)
China zwischen Kontrollverlust und Weltherrschaftsphantasie
Trumps Zölle und Maas’ Einmischung erschüttern das Reich der Mitte? Kann man tatsächlich dieses riesige Land, das zweitgrößte Asiens, real erschüttern? Vor allem nach diesem historischen Werdegang, dem imposanten Wirtschaftswachstum der letzten Jahre, welches zwar wieder stagniert, aber immer noch im Vergleich zum Rest der Welt frohlocken darf? Man sollte solche Abwägung getrost besser lassen, weil die Volksrepublik China ganz offensichtlich etliche Eisen im Feuer hat, die sie sich nicht nehmen läßt.
7:24 [German Foreign Policy] (D)
Proteste in Hongkong (II) - Eine klassische Eskalationsstrategie
Zu Gesprächen mit deutschen Politikern, darunter Außenminister Heiko Maas, ist am gestrigen Montagabend der Aktivist Joshua Wong aus Hongkong in Berlin eingetroffen. Wong vertritt eine Oppositionspartei, die ein Referendum verlangt, in dem auch Hongkongs künftige Abspaltung von China zur Wahl stehen soll. Seiner Reise nach Berlin ging am Sonntag eine Kundgebung vor dem US-Konsulat in Hongkong voraus, deren Teilnehmer US-Präsident Donald Trump aufforderten, zu ihren Gunsten in der Stadt zu intervenieren.
18:12 [Global Times] (E)
Solid foreign reserves are basis of China’s resilience
China`s foreign exchange reserves rose by $3.5 billion in August to $3.1072 trillion. Economists polled by Reuters had expected that reserves would fall from July. The increase in August suggested China is doing better than expected at hedging against financial risks.
12:20 [youtube/The Last American Vagabond] (E)
Luke Rudkowski Interview - Hong Kong Violence, US Meddling & The People Caught In Between
Joining me today is Luke Rudkowski from We Are Change, one of the few journalists left today still willing get out there on the ground, putting himself in danger, to cover the stories that would have otherwise been consumed only with mainstream media regurgitated government taking points.
11:35 [RT] (D)
Angela Merkel in China: Was auf dem Spiel steht
von Stephan Ossenkopp - Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel besucht mitsamt einer deutschen Wirtschaftsdelegation vom 5. bis 7. September China. Eigentlich eine einmalige Chance, inmitten weltweiter Turbulenzen auf mehr Vertrauen durch verstärkte Kooperation, auch bei der Neuen Seidenstraße, zu setzen. Kaum eine deutsche Tageszeitung, die dieser Tage nicht überbetont, dass Frau Merkels China-Besuch in eine Zeit erhöhter Zuspitzung fällt, allem voran durch die Lage in Hongkong.
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