Syrien - Mythos einer "friedlichen Revolution" / Leader of the Green Committees Movement Addresses the World / Krieg gegen Libyen / Fact: Giant crime against Libya / US-Regime-Change Kampagne gegen Syrien / Al Jazeera / Tunisia’s “jasmine revolution”

Offen gesagt, finde ich, dass die Herbeiführung einer Krise eine wirklich schwierige Aufgabe ist. ... Was mich dazu führt, daraus zu schließen, dass ... der traditionelle Weg, wie Amerika zu Krieg kommt, derjenige ist, der am Besten für die Interessen der USA wäre.
  Patrick Clawson
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Welt - Asien-Pazifik (1)
21:37 [GlobalResearch]
Korea and the United States: Negotiating a Peace Treaty
The pathbreaking April 27 Panmunjeom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity and Unification of the Korean Peninsula signed by Chairman Kim Jong-un and President Moon Jae-in constitutes an expression of solidarity and commitment. It reaffirms that there is only one Korean Nation. It lays the groundwork for cooperation, reunification and demilitarization of the Korean peninsula.
Welt - Naher Osten - arabische Halbinsel (6)
0:47 [AntiMedia]
Call for Coup in Saudi Arabia: Dissident Prince Urges Uncles to Seize Power
Prince Khaled bin Farhan made the appeal to Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz and Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz, saying that the damage being done to the Saudi royal family and the kingdom by Salman’s “irrational, erratic and stupid” rule had gone beyond the point of no-return.
21:38 [rt]
‘Peace is beyond the reach of ordinary people’ – 97yo Palestinian recalls the conflict (VIDEO)
With the bloody Israeli-Palestinian conflict raging for decades, Mohammad Mahmoud Jadallah recalls how the tensions between the two nations over land and holy sites spiraled into wars, forced displacement and evictions.
21:34 [Moon of Alabama]
Syria Sitrep - Liberating The M5 Highway, Syria`s Economic Lifeline
In this situation report we look at the consolidation of the Syrian government space, discuss the upcoming operatitwelons to secure the vital M5 highway, clear up the S-300 confusion and provide a bit on the political developments.
2:22 [Global Research]
Israel, Egypt ‘Block Turkey from Airlifting Gaza Wounded Protesters for Emergency Treatment’
Egypt and Israel have blocked Turkish aircraft from using their airports to transport thousands of Palestinians wounded by Israeli troops during protests in Gaza, Turkey’s deputy prime minister has said.
2:22 [Israel Palestine News]
“Freedom Flotilla” sets sail from Sweden to the Gaza Strip
The 2018 Gaza Freedom Flotilla, filled with humanitarian aid and activists from all over the world, is on its way from Sweden in what is expected to be a 75-day trip to Gaza.
2:18 [Youtube/ZoominTV]
Diary of a Palestinian girl: The raids
What`s it like living with the constant fear of raids? Here`s the second episode of our new series following Janna, an 11-year-old journalist living in Nabi Saleh, a small village in the West Bank.
Welt - Nordamerika (6)
0:46 [Sic Semper Tyrannis]
Framing the Trump Campaign as Lackey`s of Russia by Publius Tacitus
There are still many unanswered questions, but the evidence that now is part of the public record removes any doubt that British and US Intelligence services collaborated in a devious and fabricated scheme to portray the Trump campaign as intent on collaborating with Russia. The evidence was planted and cleverly fabricated.
21:53 [The Conservative Treehouse]
Stefan Halper Agent Provocateur – In His Own Words…
Stefan Halper has been identified and confirmed as the intelligence informant used by President Obama’s CIA and FBI to engage in contact with low level Trump campaign officials during their efforts to conduct a counterintelligence operation against the candidate. The joint CIA and FBI operation was codenamed “Crossfire Hurricane“. Rather ironically, five days before the 2016 election intelligence agent provocateur Stefan Halper gave an interview to Sputnik News where he outlined his agenda; in hindsight the aggregate agenda of the Obama administration
21:51 [Zero Hedge]
Krugman Cries Treason After Stefan Halper Outed As FBI Infiltrator, There`s Just One Problem...
Friday`s outing of longtime CIA and MI6 asset Stefan Halper as an FBI asset sent to infiltrate the Trump campaign has social media abuzz today. Reactions have ranged from celebration to outrage, with little inbetween.
21:31 [The Future of Freedom]
Time to End Foreign Aid to Israel (and Everyone Else)
Given the recent shooting of unarmed Palestinian protestors at the hands of Israeli soldiers, leaving 58 people killed and 2,700 injured, isn’t it time for the American people to be asking the following question about the role of the federal government in the lives of the American people: Why should any American be forced to subsidize the salaries of the Israeli soldiers who did the shooting and the rifles and bullets they used in the massacre?
4:51 [RT]
DOJ to launch probe into Trump campaign ‘infiltration’ by FBI
The Department of Justice has formally requested a review into possible abuses of the surveillance application process amid claims the FBI “infiltrated” the President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign.
2:13 [Washington`s Blog]
How Democracy Ended
What killed democracy was constant lying to the public, by politicians whose only way to win national public office has been to represent the interests of the super-rich at the same time as publicly promising to represent the interests of the public — “and may the better liar win!” — it’s a lying-contest.
Welt - Süd-Süd-Kooperation (1)
4:49 [RT]
Bypassing US sanctions, countering China: Why Modi`s `no agenda` meeting with Putin is anything but
Narendra Modi arrives in Sochi for an "agenda-less" meeting with Vladimir Putin, but there won`t be time for chit-chat – the two men must save key arms deals left up in the air by US sanctions, and find common ground on China.
Welt - Weltpolitik (2)
1:16 [Moon of Alabama]
Trump`s New Campaign Against Iran Will Not Achieve Its Aims
In a well promoted speech at the Heritage Foundation Secretary of State Pompeo laid out twelve demands towards Iran. He threatened the "strongest sanctions in history" if those demands were not fulfilled.
2:20 [Antiwar]
Israel Won’t Cooperate With UN Probe on Gaza Killings
Israeli officials announced Friday that they will completely refuse all cooperation with the new UN probe into the Nakba Day killings of 61 Palestinian protesters at the Gaza border. The protesters were killed by Israeli troops.
Welt - Weltwirtschaft (1)
21:42 [LaRouchePAC]
A Needed Burst of Optimism
Direct collaboration between President Donald Trump and President Xi Jinping at the end of this week pulled China and the U.S. back from the brink of a highly dangerous potential trade war between the two countries, a scenario devoutly desired and orchestrated by the British Empire and their free-trade acolytes in Washington. The problem is not over, but a collaborative course has been struck for a win-win approach, and further negotiations will now proceed.
Europa - Allgemein (3)
0:42 [RT]
Italy’s emerging Euroskeptic coalition of M5S & Lega Nord announces its choice for PM
Leaders of the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) and its right-wing coalition ally Lega Nord have presented to Italian President Sergio Mattarella their pick for prime minister – Giuseppe Conte.
21:58 [ZeroHedge]
Italy Is Forming The Epicenter Of The EU`s Fateful Shift
Five-year Italian debt blew out over 1%, CDS spreads have moved over 20 basis points in a week. The markets are trying to scare these outsiders now in charge in Italy to soften their stances on reform and maintain a status quo which is destroying a great country and culture.
2:21 [Electronic Intifada]
French revolt against Macron’s support for Israel
Israel’s massacre of dozens of Palestinians in the occupied Gaza Strip last Monday is sharpening the divide between the French public and the country’s staunchly pro-Israel leaders.
Deutschland - Aktionen und Proteste (1)
21:38 [Press TV]
Rallies held against Monsanto-Bayer agrochemical merger in several countries
Protesters took to the streets of Buenos Aires, Hamburg and Paris on Saturday to decry agrochemical corporate giant Monsanto-Bayer-Syngenta.
Deutschland - Demokratie und Politik (1)
21:54 [Sputnik International]
German MP Slams US Anti-Russia Sanctions as `Part of Trade War`
Jürgen Trittin, a Bundestag MP and a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee, has criticized the German government for failing to protect local entrepreneurs from the negative impact of US sanctions, according to Lübecker Nachrichten. Recent restrictive measures imposed by Washington against Moscow have significantly affected German businesses, German politician Jürgen Trittin said.
Feuilleton - Meinung und Debatte (6)
21:54 [Youtube/Richard Dolan]
Richard Dolan Show May 14, 2018. Interview with Catherine Austin Fitts
This episode of the Richard Dolan Show aired on KGRA radio May 14, 2018. It is a two-hour interview with black budget expert Catherine Austin Fitts, former Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development from 1989-1993.
21:40 [The Star Canada]
In Gaza, the world must step in
The massacre of Palestinian protesters this week by Israeli soldiers was appalling, but we shouldn’t have been surprised. And we should expect the suffering will only get worse.
21:25 [Middle East Eye]
At 70: Let`s let Israel implode
For the first time in history, it seems they are realising that, in the long run, Zionism is indefensible and unsustainable. But that realisation is not creating a genuine collective introspection that could move Israeli society towards social transformation; rather, the opposite is happening. In a scattergun approach, Israel fires in all directions, to protect, as British essayist Perry Anderson famously put it, "what it has made of what it has taken".
4:32 [The Iran Project]
Europe’s ’Blocking Statute’ a necessary but insufficient step to save the JCPOA
Venting their anger at the Trump administration, the European leaders at the Sophia summit resolved to protect Europe’s economic interests in Iran by invoking the so-called “Blocking Statute” that prohibits the European firms from complying with the requirements of new US sanctions on Iran.
2:22 [Electronic Intifada]
ICC must investigate Israel’s crimes against journalists
Reporters Without Borders has formally requested that the International Criminal Court prosecutor investigate the targeting of journalists in Gaza as war crimes.
2:21 [Mondo Weiss]
Protesting is not enough
This year’s commemoration of Al Nakba was especially tragic. As Israeli occupation soldiers and military snipers killed over sixty Palestinian protestors in Gaza, Zionists were beaming outside the new US embassy in Jerusalem, the crowning moment of President Trump’s imperial hubris.
Themen - Bevölkerungskontrolle (1)
0:14 [Sic Semper Tyrannis]
Criticize the Israeli Government, Or Criticize Individuals Who Put Israel First Ahead of the U.S., You`re Breaking The Law. Goes Into Effect July 1 -- by J
Never thought I`d see it from a Southern State, but thanks to a Representative in their State Legislature, those citizens of that state are having their 1st Amendment Rights squashed (even though the legislation claims not), if they dare criticize the Israeli Government or the actions of those who put Israel first ahead of the U.S., they are breaking their State law.
Themen - Geheimdienste und Terror (1)
21:41 [Fox News]
`I gave the US trucks and ammunition to Al Qaeda`: The chaotic US effort to arm Syrian rebels
U.S. military equipment and ammunition, sent to Syria as part of a failed Obama administration plan to find and arm moderate forces to defeat ISIS, were instead simply handed over to an Al Qaeda group, according to the man who said he himself brokered the deal
Themen - Geschichte (5)
21:41 [Carl B Herman]
Essential history to understand the present: Obvious and Orwellian-illegal Wars of Aggression on Gaza by Israel
This is from my 2015 paper for ~2,000 people at a Claremont Colleges international conference. I will not invest my professional attention on current lie-filled and Orwellian-illegal War of Aggression and War Crimes on Gaza requiring .01% arrests of “leaders” responsible because ongoing military attacks on the world’s largest concentration camp are variations of the same psychopathic song of lies, suffering, and death.
21:34 [The Future of Freedom]
JFK and the Inconceivable Doctrine, Part 2
Three years ago, I wrote an article entitled “JFK and the Inconceivable Doctrine,” in which I pointed how many lone-nut theorists in the JFK assassination have reached their conclusion based not on an examination of the circumstantial evidence in the case but instead simply on the notion that it is inconceivable that the U.S. national-security establishment would have carried out a domestic regime-change operation by assassinating an American president.
21:32 [WhoWhatWhy]
JFK Files Reveal US Biological Warfare Plans Against Cuba
In the summer of 1975, congressional staffer Loch Johnson was searching through classified papers at the LBJ Library in Austin, Texas, when he came across something he couldn’t believe — a covert plan by the US military to deploy biological weapons against Cuba. This was more than Johnson was bargaining for, even though he was at the archive looking for files related to covert actions directed against Cuba.
21:32 [WhoWhatWhy]
New JFK Files: CIA Used State Department to Run Guns for Assassinations
“JUSTIFICATION: Murder is not morally justifiable. Self-defense may be argued if the victim has knowledge which may destroy the resistance organization if divulged. Assassination of persons responsible for atrocities or reprisals may be regarded as just punishment. Killing a political leader whose burgeoning career is a clear and present danger to the cause of freedom may be held necessary. But assassination can seldom be employed with a clear conscience. Persons who are morally squeamish should not attempt it.” — CIA Training Manual, 1952
2:24 [Vimeo/ Rona Sela]
Looted & Hidden - Palestinian Archives in Israel
The film was made possible through the generous support of Sally Stein in memory of Allan Sekula, and additional foundations
Themen - Globalisierung und Globalismus (2)
0:15 [Sic Semper Tyrannis]
Pompeo as imperial proconsul
Pompeo’s list of 12 requirements included many that Iran is highly unlikely to consider.
21:30 [Investig`action]
“Sanctions on Iraq, Syria, Yemen, North Korea or Iran, are the economic equivalent of atom bombs”
On April 13, the US, UK and France launched an attack on Syria. The reason, backed by an enthusiastic mainstream media, was retaliation over an alleged chemical attack in Eastern Ghouta.
Themen - Hintergrund (2)
11:47 [RT]
Iraq`s new `Kingmaker?` Nationalist, anti-American cleric scores big parliamentary win
A Shia cleric with strong anti-American views is poised to become kingmaker in Iraq. Muqtada al-Sadr`s coalition emerged victorious in parliamentary elections, signaling a resurgence in Iraqi nationalism, analysts told RT.
2:19 [Global Research]
IDF Snipers Ordered to Shoot Palestinian Children, Threat to Security of Israel, according to Israeli General
...“And to my great sorrow, sometimes when you shoot at a small body and you intended to hit his arm or shoulder it goes even higher. The picture is not a pretty picture. But … that’s the price that we have to pay to preserve the safety and quality of life of the residents of the State of Israel” .
Themen - Medien und Propaganda (1)
Themen - Militär und Frieden (1)
2:19 [Investmentwatchblog]
This Graph Shows That No Other Country Competes with the U.S. Military
President Trump is busy implementing his “America First” foreign policy agenda on the world stage. He has withdrawn from the Iran nuclear deal, scheduled a meeting with North Korea, and rattled American trade partners with threats of tariffs. Amid all these news stories, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that Trump also just signed the largest military budget in American history, totaling some $700B.
Themen - Religion (1)
0:12 [Sic Semper Tyrannis]
A Primer on Islam - Marguerite and W. Patrick Lang
"Who are Muslims? What do they believe? Are their ideas and traditions so alien there cannot be reconciliation between them and Christianity? Are they united in their beliefs and attitudes? Are they uniformly and permanently hostile to the West? In the last five years, these have become important questions for us all. Once, the nature and theology of Islam were the concern of Orientalist scholars, but no more.
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