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Dreißig Jahre lang suchte ich nach Gott. Dann erkannte ich, daß Er der Suchende und ich der Gesuchte war.
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5:13 [Oil] (E)
Poland Buys Nigerian Oil In Latest Attempt To Cut Russia Oil Dependence
Poland’s largest oil refiner, state-run PKN Orlen, has bought its first ever Nigerian crude oil cargo expected to arrive in mid-October, the Polish company’s chief executive told Reuters amid Poland’s ongoing efforts to cut its reliance on Russian oil.
9:37 [Zero Hedge] (E)
US Hints At Naval Blockade Of Russian Energy Exports Which Moscow Warns Would Be "An Act Of War"
In a interview about fracking and the implications of making the United States less dependent on foreign sources of energy, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke told the Washington Examiner that the US Navy has the ability to blockade Russia from controlling energy supplies in the Middle East.
3:19 [Gold Goats `n Guns] (E)
Trump Folds on Nordstream 2 Because … Logic
Nordstream 2 simply makes too much economic sense for any amount of political whining from the U.S. and Poland to stop it. Poland has no power within the European Union. Germany does. And while I’m no fan of Angela Merkel getting another political weapon to hold over the heads of the Poles, their attempts to derail the project were always going to end in tears for them.
14:52 [Xinhua] (E)
China`s crude oil futures attract worldwide participation
China`s crude oil futures, the first futures variety on the Chinese mainland open to overseas investment, have attracted worldwide interest, exchange data showed Wednesday.
17:56 [RT] (E)
First oil delivery to China through petro-yuan settlement set for September
In the first physical settlement of the Chinese yuan-denominated oil futures contract, five companies will deliver a total of 600,000 barrels of Middle Eastern crude grades to buyers of the September futures contract.
20:21 [Press TV] (E)
Iran: Total has officially withdrawn from South Pars
Iran’s Petroleum Minister Bijan Zanganeh says French energy giant Total has officially left the country, ending speculations over whether it would stay to finish a gas project following the return of US sanctions against the Islamic Republic.
12:01 [RT] (E)
Putin & Merkel could stick it to Trump as they look to bring Nord Stream 2 over the line
Russia and Germany are both set to benefit from the proposed gas pipeline to be discussed at Vladimir Putin and Angela Merkel’s meeting on Saturday. But the pair will be wary of a backlash from an erratic and irate Washington.
0:42 [] (E)
Yamal LNG Is Conquering China
Russia’s energy ties to China have been discussed at length throughout our website – the construction of the 38 BCm per year Power of Siberia gas pipeline, seaborne sales of ESPO (of which China is the dominant buyer), recent cross-investment deals including Rosneft and many more. With the two as close as ever on geopolitical and energy-related issues, July 2018 brought about a new facet to their cooperation – trading in Yamal LNG cargoes.
21:26 [Global Research] (E)
The Geopolitics of Oil: America’s About to Unleash Its “NOPEC Superweapon” Against the Russians and Saudis
The US Congress has revived the so-called “NOPEC” bill for countering OPEC and OPEC+.
16:22 [Zero Hedge] (E)
US Abandons Oil Sanctions To Avoid Owning Venezuela`s Collapse
...David Goldwyn, president of Goldwyn Global Strategies and a former special envoy and coordinator for international energy affairs at the US State Department, speculated that it would take extreme action, such as a military assault on a civilian rebellion, for the US to now impose oil sector sanctions. “The system is collapsing and this administration does not want to own the collapse,” Goldwyn said.
19:22 [Global Research] (E)
Chinese State Oil Major Suspends U.S. Oil Imports Amid Trade War
Due to the rising trade tension between China and the United States, the trading arm of Chinese state oil major Sinopec has suspended imports of crude oil from the United States, Reuters reported on Friday, citing sources familiar with the plans.
23:57 [Global Research] (E)
The New “Water Barons”: Wall Street Mega-Banks are Buying up the World’s Water
A disturbing trend in the water sector is accelerating worldwide. The new “water barons” — the Wall Street banks and elitist multibillionaires — are buying up water all over the world at unprecedented pace.
23:26 [Aletho News] (E)
A look at Egypt’s failure to exploit gas in the Mediterranean
The oil and gas resources that Egypt could benefit from are just talk and cannot even be exploited as Israel manipulates these resources and seeks to maintain its control over them by all means possible.
13:54 [Investmentwatchblog] (E)
China’s Secret “Ace” Could Ruin Trump’s Trade War (And The Ace Is Not The Yuan Either)
...China Has A Heavy Metal Ace Up Its Sleeve Neodymium, ytterbium, gadolinium, dysprosium, erbium, holmium, lutetium and promethium.
13:24 [ZeroHedge] (E)
Saudis Halt Oil Shipments Through Red Sea: A Potential Watershed In The Yemen War
A spike in oil prices as a result of a temporary halt in shipments through the strategic Bab el Mandeb strait may be short-lived, but the impact on Yemen’s three-year-old forgotten war is likely to put the devastating conflict on the front burner.
15:13 [Press TV] (E)
Saudi Arabia halts oil shipments via Bab el-Mandeb after Yemeni retaliatory attacks
Riyadh has temporarily suspended all oil shipments through the Bab el-Mandeb Strait after Yemen’s Houthi Ansarullah movement launched retaliatory attacks on a Saudi warship and a vessel operated by the Riyadh-led coalition waging war the Arabian Peninsula state.
19:59 [] (E)
How Bad Is Iran’s Oil Situation?
The U.S. government has continued its attempts to shut down Iran’s oil exports, and in recent days Iranian officials responded by threatening to block the Strait of Hormuz. Such an outcome is highly unlikely, but the war of words demonstrates how quickly the confrontation is escalating.
15:33 [Press TV] (E)
Iran blasts Trump`s `insulting` order to OPEC to raise output, reduce prices
Iran says US President Donald Trump has insulted the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) by trying to use political pressures to change the policies of the Organization.
22:24 [Press TV] (E)
Seoul stops Iran oil imports as it seeks exemptions
South Korea is reported to have stopped importing Iran’s oil and condensate in what appears to be a temporary halt until the country obtains an exemption from US curbs on buying Iranian oil.
17:36 [Tom Luongo] (E)
Another Pre-Summit Dividend - No Sanctions On Nordstream 2
I hate to say “I told you so,” but, “I told you so.” There will be no sanctions on the Nordstream 2 pipeline. The reason is because sanctions won’t stop the project at this point. Sputnik is reporting that the U.S. has told the German Economic Ministry there will be no sanctions on Russian pipeline projects. if true then this is an indication that just about reached the peak of Trump’s full-court press on the economic health of the planet through financial control. I’ve been steadfast in my position that sanctions are not only an act of war but also, ultimately, have limits.
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