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7:02 [Global Research] (E)
How Long Can Nepal Blame Others for Its Woes?
“Every family has someone outside.” Conversations about Nepal’s dysfunctional economy invariably lead to its four million citizens, mainly young men, working abroad. (Some say they number seven million– either way, a sizable slice in a population of 28 million.) Those workers are migrants to Arab Gulf States, Malaysia and India.
11:49 [Mint Press News] (E)
Iranian FM Slams Bolton, Pompeo’s “Psychotic,” “Pure Obsession” With Iran
While ordinarily it might be flattering, [Secretary Pompeo] and [John Bolton’s] pure obsession with Iran is more and more like the behavior of persistently failing psychotic stalkers.” – Javad Zarif. Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif slammed U.S. aggression against his country on Tuesday, as top U.S. officials are in the Middle East coordinating anti-Iran efforts with regional players like Israel and trying to shore up support from Arab nations. Zarif’s counterpart, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, was in Jordan on Tuesday and vowed to “redouble” U.S. efforts to counter Iran’s “malign influence” in the Middle East.
12:58 [Global Research] (E)
War is Good for Business and Organized Crime: Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Opium Trade. Rising Heroin Addiction in the US
Afghanistan’s opium economy is a multibillion dollar operation which has a direct impact on the surge of heroin addiction in the US. Despite president Trump’s announced US troop withdrawal, the Afghan opium trade continues to flourish. It is protected by US-NATO occupation forces on behalf of a nexus of powerful financial and criminal interests...Today a rough estimate based on US retail prices suggests that the global heroin market is above the 500 billion dollars mark.
20:17 [Asia Times] (E)
Trump’s Afghan withdrawal could pave the way for peace
The US president`s controversial decision signifies a well-crafted political and diplomatic move aimed at ending the 17-year conflict
18:51 [Global Research] (E)
U.S. Forces Withdraw From Afghanistan. Secret Negotiations with the Taliban. “Huge Political Change on the Horizon”
Since months, the US has been working to recast Afghan policy and the withdrawal of 7,000 troops from the total 14,000 is not a sudden decision, but part of a new agenda which is already noticeable in the recent US movements in Afghanistan.
11:31 [21st Century Wire] (E)
Despite Trump’s Afghan Decree, US Commanders Dismissing Talk of Troop Drawdown as ‘Rumors’
Numerous reports suggest that Washington’s war hawks are not happy with President Trump’s announcement of bringing US troops home from both Syria and Afghanistan. Clearly there is dissension in the ranks of a Military Industrial Complex that has come to rely especially on the ongoing Afghan war theatre as a major profits center. Now, despite the fanfare following the President’s announcement of a large draw-down of 7,000 US troops from Afghanistan, some high-ranking Pentagon officials are claiming they know nothing about such a move.
10:07 [Middle East Eye] (E)
`This year is special`: Baghdad comes together to celebrate Christmas
Baghdad residents are approaching Christmas with an enthusiasm that defies increasingly outdated international perceptions of Iraq as a perpetually war-torn country often at the mercy of armed groups. Market stalls are piled high with Santa Claus cuddly toys or lined with an impressive range of plastic Christmas trees in multiple shades, while whole shop aisles are dedicated to selling seasonal items - coloured baubles, glittery fir cones, miniature plastic snowmen and white-trimmed bright-red children`s outfits.
0:45 [Asia Times/Pepe Escobar] (E)
On the road in the Karakoram
The greatest geological and geopolitical road trip on earth symbolizes the mighty ambitions of the CPEC project
0:04 [Asia Times/Pepe Escobar] (E)
The new Great Game on the Roof of the World
CPEC involves road and rail projects, dams and a pipeline from Gwadar to Xinjiang, but it is very long-term endeavor as a visit to the country revealed
11:48 [Global Research] (E)
India Caught Between Iran and Saudi Arabia
The following is an interview in which geopolitical expert Andrew Korybko offers his analysis of Saudi Arabia’s decision to offer new investments to India at a time when the US is leveraging its main south Asian partner against its partnership with Iran. The interview was originally published in the Farsi publication Basirat and in English on Eurasia Future.
23:23 [offGuardian] (E)
The US Wants to Bring Back the Shah of Iran
David William Pear - The US had a great deal going from 1953 to 1979 with the Shah of Iran. For 25 years Iran was a cornerstone of the US usurping the British Empire in the Middle East, following World War Two.
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