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5:17 [U.S. Department of Justice] (E)
Texas Hospital Administrator Convicted of Health Care Fraud for Role in $16 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme
A federal jury convicted a Houston-area hospital administrator on Friday for his role in a $16 million Medicare fraud scheme.
5:16 [U.S. Department of Justice] (E)
Former Manager for a Colorado Resort Sentenced to Prison for Tax Fraud
Did Not Pay Taxes on More Than $9.7 Million in Income Earned in Offshore Bank Accounts and Nearly $1 Million From Pagosa Springs, Colorado Resort & Spa. A Scottsdale, Arizona man, who formerly resided in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, was sentenced today in the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado to eighteen months in prison for filing a false tax return, announced Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General Richard E. Zuckerman of the Justice Department’s Tax Division.
5:16 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Goldman CEO`s Former Assistant Commits Suicide After Confessing To $1.2 Million Wine Theft
A former assistant to Goldman Sachs CEO John Solomon committed suicide on Tuesday, the day he was expected to plead guilty in federal court to stealing more than $1 million of rare wine from his former boss, according to Bloomberg.
7:59 [SOTT] (E)
CCTV released by Met does NOT show Petrov and Boshirov "in the vicinity" of Skripal`s house
The images and timeline released by the Metropolitan Police on September 5th, when they formally accused two men of the attempted assassination of Sergei Skripal, contain a number of problems and oddities. These include:
2:08 [Golem XIV] (E)
The Steady Enmity of Powerful People
Crime doesn’t pay.” Actually it does, handsomely. If you are a banker or large financial player, it pays wonderfully. You get filthy rich committing the crimes and after…you continue to get filthy rich. What doesn’t pay is reporting crime. Not long ago I read a rather good book about a small number of honest people who did not understand this dirty fact.
0:48 [SOTT] (E)
Kavanaugh fallout: Staffer who `doxed` GOP senators faces nearly 50 years in federal prison
The former Democratic congressional staffer who posted personal information about Republican senators online faces nearly 50 years in prison. Jackson Cosko, a 27-year-old Washington, D.C., resident, was arrested Wednesday by U.S. Capitol Police when he was caught sneaking into the offices of Sen. Maggie Hassan, D-N.H., after 10 p.m. Tuesday and using an aide`s computer and log-in.
4:02 [U.S. Department of Justice] (E)
Virginia Man Pleads Guilty to Receipt of Child Pornography
An Alexandria, Virginia man pleaded guilty to one count of receipt of child pornography today in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia...Kerry Sipult, 51, pleaded guilty to one count of receipt of child pornography before Senior Judge Claude M. Hilton of the Eastern District of Virginia.
4:02 [U.S. Department of Justice] (E)
Wisconsin Man Sentenced to 50 Years in Prison for Producing Child Pornography Involving Infant and Toddler
A Marshfield, Wisconsin man was sentenced today to 50 years in prison for producing child pornography involving an infant and toddler during the summer of 2017....According to court documents, Bartz produced child pornography involving a toddler and infant, including visual depictions of himself engaging in sexually explicit conduct with the infant.
19:18 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Cyber Criminals Can Buy Passports On The Dark Web For As Little As $15, Study Finds
Are you a convicted felon who has dreams of traveling abroad? Or a cybercriminal looking to set up a legitimate bank account into which you can deposit your ill-gotten funds? Then buying a passport off the dark web is an option that you should consider! But while in the past forged or stolen passports would fetch a hefty sum on the black market, thanks to the modern marvel that is the dark web, prices have fallen significantly.
3:05 [U.S. Department of Justice] (E)
Foreign National Pleads Guilty to Downloading Child Pornography from the Dark Web in Exchange for Cryptocurrency
A Saudi Arabian national living in Arlington, Virginia pleaded guilty today to downloading child pornography through the dark web....Ammar Atef Alahdali, 22, pleaded guilty to one count of receipt of child pornography before U.S. District Judge Liam O’Grady of the Eastern District of Virginia. Sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 18.
3:02 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Deutsche Bank Trader Lied To Prosecutors To Protect $9 Million Bonus
Amazingly, more than six years since the scandal first broke - and more than three since Deutsche Bank took a guilty plea and paid $2.5 billion fine to settle allegations stemming from US and UK authorities - traders from the six bulge bracket banks that ultimately copped to charges that they conspired to manipulate Libor are still being put on trial.
6:53 [U.S. Department of Justice] (E)
Detroit Doctor Sentenced to more than 11 Years in Prison for $8.9 Million Health Care Fraud Scheme
A Detroit-area doctor was sentenced to 135 months in prison today for her role in a scheme involving approximately $8.9 million in fraudulent Medicare claims for home health care and other physician services that were procured through the payment of kickbacks, were not medically necessary, were not actually provided or, in some instances, were provided by the defendant, who was not a licensed physician during the relevant time period.
11:46 [Craig Murray] (E)
The Strange Russian Alibi
Like many, my first thought at the interview of Boshirov and Petrov – which apparently are indeed their names – is that they were very unconvincing. The interview itself seemed to be set up around a cramped table with a poor camera and lighting, and the interviewer seemed pretty hopeless at asking probing questions that would shed any real light.
18:40 [Investmentwatchblog] (E)
Skripal Poisoning Update – The Alleged Russian Poisoners and the UK Government’s Lies
We 100% know the UK government are telling massive lies about the Skripal poisonings and the official narrative is full of massive holes.
11:33 [NEO-Journal] (E)
The Skripals: Victims or Pawns in a Wider Geopolitical Game
James O’Neill - On 3 March 2018 a former Russian double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were found slumped on a park bench in Salisbury England, obviously suffering from the ill effects of an undetermined substance.
1:08 [RT] (E)
Petrov & Boshirov mocked on Twitter, but Salisbury’s self-esteem the biggest victim
RT’s interview with the two Russian men accused of being behind the Skripal poisoning has revealed a Twitter widely cynical about both their innocence, and Salisbury’s claims to be an international tourist hotspot.
11:55 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Britain Should Be In The Dock Over Skripal Saga, Not Russia
The latest announcement by British authorities of two named Russian suspects in connection with the alleged poison assassination of a former Russian spy and his daughter is more absurd drama in a long-running tawdry saga. No verifiable evidence is ever presented, just more lurid innuendo and more refusal by the British authorities to abide by any due process and international norms of diplomacy. It is all scurrilous sound and fury aimed at smearing Russia.
13:25 [Sott] (E)
Alleged suspects in Skripal case traveled to Geneva multiple times before poisoning
Reverberations from the Skripal affair, with all its extraordinary twists and turns, show no sign of abating.British intelligence agencies, investigating a series of trips made by two Russian suspects in the March nerve agent attack on former Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter in Salisbury, have determined that Ruslan Boshirov and Alexander Petrov traveled to Geneva at least six times ahead of their alleged attempt to assassinate Sergei Skripal, The Telegraph wrote.
21:57 [youtube/talkRADIO] (E)
"Nothing you know proves that they`re Russians" | George Galloway
Tony Blair`s comments on the state of the Labour Party. Boris Johnson`s personal life and possibility of being the Prime Minister. The Salisbury poisoning. It`s all here on the Mother of All Talk Shows.
21:54 [Craig Murray] (E)
Skripals – The Mystery Deepens
[...]“Boshirov and Petrov” plainly are of interest in this case. But only Theresa May stated they were Russian agents: the police did not, and stated that they expected those were not their real identities. We do not know who Boshirov and Petrov were.
19:11 [Sott] (E)
Tony Blair Institute confirms it received `millions` from Saudi Arabia
The Tony Blair Institute (TBI), an organisation set up by the former British prime minister, has revealed, in accounts released Wednesday, that it received financial donations from Saudi Arabia.
18:51 [Information Clearing House] (E)
Russia`s Alleged Skripal `Assassins` Caught Breaking The Laws Of Physics
Russia has apparently developed an astonishing new technology enabling its secret agents to occupy precisely the same space at precisely the same time.
18:50 [Global Research] (E)
The Burning Down of Brazil’s National Museum
A Capitalist Crime Against the Heritage of Humanity
18:38 [Russia Insider/Craig Murray] (E)
UK Releases Impossible Photo of Supposed Russian Suspects in Skripal Case
Hilarious. You`d think the British gov`t could have produced a photo that is not an obvious fake. Russia has developed an astonishing new technology enabling its secret agents to occupy precisely the same space at precisely the same time.
12:47 [Craig Murray] (E)
The Impossible Photo
Russia has developed an astonishing new technology enabling its secret agents to occupy precisely the same space at precisely the same time. These CCTV images released by Scotland yard today allegedly show Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov both occupying exactly the same space at Gatwick airport at precisely the same second. 16.22.43 on 2 March 2018. Note neither photo shows the other following less than a second behind.
14:05 [RT] (E)
British prosecutors name the 2 Russians suspected of poisoning the Skripals
UK prosecutors named two Russians they suspect of poisoning the Skripals – Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov – charging them with the attempted murder of the ex-double agent and his daughter along with a police officer.
19:35 [U.S. Department of Justice] (E)
Two Additional Defendants Sentenced to Prison in Conspiracy That Looted Money from Nonprofit Mental Health Clinic
A former head of a Philadelphia nonprofit mental health clinic was sentenced to 82 months in prison for perpetrating a multiyear fraud scheme through which she stole over $2 million from the clinic that she headed, announced Acting Assistant Attorney General John P. Cronan of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division and U.S. Attorney William M. McSwain for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.
4:00 [12160] (E)
Horrifying UN Report Details Widespread Child Rape by High-Level UN Employees
A deeply disturbing report has finally been released by the United Nations detailing the rampant sexual exploitation of children by UN employees that is widespread, throughout multiple countries.
5:33 [RT] (E)
German couple jailed for prostituting their 9yo son to pedophiles online
A couple in Germany has been convicted and sentenced to 12 years behind bars for running an underage rape ring over a two-year period and for repeatedly pimping out their young son on the Darknet.
21:33 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Trump`s Hollywood Star Smashed To Pieces, Suspect In Custody
One witness told NBC4: "I`m like, `Why are you hitting that star? What did Donald Trump do to you?`"
19:52 [Oxygen] (E)
4 More Arrested In Case Against Alleged Sex Cult NXIVM
The new indictment alleges the parties used "harassment, coercion and abusive litigation to intimidate and attack perceived enemies and critics" of the group`s leader. Federal agents arrested and charged four more people on Tuesday for their roles in the alleged sex cult NXIVM, according to the Albany Times Union... The indictment charges the six arrested with extortion, forced labor, sex trafficking, wire fraud, obstruction of justice, identity theft and harboring of aliens for financial gain.
19:51 [Big League Politics] (E)
Hillary Clinton Donor Clare Bronfman Arrested In NXIVM Sex Cult Case
Hillary Clinton donor Clare Bronfman has been arrested as part of the case against upstate New York’s NXIVM sex cult. The cult was financed by Bronfman and led by Keith Raniere and Allison Mack, who are both charged with human trafficking. Bronfman reportedly performed human experiments on people at the cult’s Rainbow Cultural Garden, according to a former cult employee. Bronfman also reportedly hacked Hillary Clinton’s emails through emails that Clinton exchanged with Bronfman’s father Edgar.
14:34 [The Free Thought Project] (E)
Rothschild Bank Ensnared in Money Laundering Scandal that Led to Arrest of Malaysian President
The Rothschild Bank is the subject of an international investigation after it was accused of laundering billions of dollars. Swiss authorities have accused the Rothschild Bank AG and Rothschild Trust AG of not only establishing business dealings with customers suspected of money laundering, but also “considerably expand[ing]” those dealings while violating the bank’s own reporting by reporting their suspicions “only after a substantial delay.”
1:02 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
British Assassination Campaign Targeting Russian Exiles?
Over the past decade or so, a disturbing number of Russian nationals living in Britain have met untimely deaths. The victims – at least 14 – have been high-profile individuals, such as oligarch businessman Boris Berezovsky or former Kremlin security agent Alexander Litvinenko. All were living in Britain as exiles, and all were viewed as opponents of President Vladimir Putin’s government. Invariably, British politicians and news media refer to the deaths of Russian émigrés as “proof” of Russian state “malign activity”.
23:26 [Your News Wire] (E)
Police Trace Source Of Novichok To British Man, Not Russia
In a huge embarrassment for the British government, police have identified a British man as the source of the novichok agent used to poison Russian spy Sergei Skirpal. According to Scotland Yard, a bottle of the deadly poison that was recovered from the home of Charlie Rowley – one of the latest victims of novichok poisoning.
23:03 [Big League Politics] (E)
Police Investigate NY Times Reporter For Breaking Into GOP Staffer’s Home
Police and a Prince William County magistrate have opened an investigation into New York Times reporter Stephanie Saul for breaking and entering in the apartment of a Corey Stewart campaign staffer in Woodbridge, Virginia.
17:10 [Blacklisted News] (E)
Neighbors Report Child Trafficking and Find Gov’t Contractors Holding Kids In ‘Black Site’ Prison
When concerned neighbors called police because they believed dozens of children were being trafficked in their neighborhood, they learned that the children were actually being held in a black site prison operated by defense contractors. A vacant office building with dark windows in a quiet neighborhood has become a subject of controversy after residents began documenting the dozens of children who were transported to the building in white vans, and then never seen again.
16:17 [Craig Murray] (E)
The Holes in the Official Skripal Story
In my last post I set out the official Government account of the events in the Skripal Case. Here I examine the credibility of this story. Next week I shall look at alternative explanations....The only backing for this statement by Boris Johnson is alleged “intelligence”, and unfortunately the “intelligence” about Russia’s secret novichok programme comes from exactly the same people who brought you the intelligence about Saddam Hussein’s WMD programme, proven liars.
0:11 [The Blog Mire] (E)
It’s the Wrong Park! How the Ducks Raise Some Serious Questions in the Salisbury Poisonings
According to the Metropolitan Police investigation into the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal, here is a timeline of events on 4th March: 13:40: Sergei and Yulia arrived at the Sainsbury’s upper level car park in The Maltings. The pair go to The Mill pub. Approximately 14.20: They eat at Zizzi restaurant on Castle Street. 15:35: They leave the restaurant. 16:15: Emergency services are called by a member of the public to the bench where Sergei and Yulia are slumped on a bench. So: car park, pub, restaurant, bench. Simples? Not so, as we shall see.
1:24 [U.S. Department of Justice] (E)
Texas Construction Company’s Owner and CEO Sentenced to Prison for Defrauding the State Department
The owner, chief executive officer, and former president of a Texas construction company, HERC Solutions, was sentenced to 18 months in prison today for defrauding the U.S. Department of State out of $1.37 million.... Gary A. Duff, 53, of Kansas City, Kansas, was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Liam O’Grady of the Eastern District of Virginia. On Feb. 12, Duff pleaded guilty to a one-count criminal information charging him with conspiracy to defraud the United States and commit wire fraud.
16:44 [Big League Politics] (E)
Miami Herald Files Lawsuit for Sealed Jeffrey Epstein Records
A newspaper is trying to finally get to the bottom of a decades-old case involving a billionaire pedophile with connections to Bill Clinton, among other world elites.
1:11 [U.S. Department of Justice - District of Maryland] (E)
Twenty-Four Alleged MS-13 Members Facing Federal Indictment for Violent Racketeering, Murder, and Money Laundering Conspiracies
A federal grand jury has returned a third superseding indictment charging twenty-four alleged members and associates of the gang MS-13. The indictment was returned on June 27, 2018 and unsealed yesterday....“MS-13 is ravaging communities throughout the United States with brutal violence, recruiting children to their murderous ranks, destroying families, and leaving behind countless victims,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Cronan.
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