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Erst wenn der letzte Baum gerodet, der letzte Fluss vergiftet, der letzte Fisch gefangen, werden die Menschen feststellen, dass man Geld nicht essen kann!
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23:09 [RT] (E)
Tale of two uprisings: Ukraine’s Maidan got McCain & cookies, French Yellow Vests get shunned
Robert Bridge - Unlike the 2014 Ukraine uprising, which witnessed invasive meddling on the part of US politicians and diplomats, Western support for the French Yellow Vest protests has been conspicuously missing in action. The streets of Paris are ablaze for a fourth weekend in a row, as a swarm of Yellow Vests assert themselves against a French government which, they argue, has become increasingly detached from the cares of ordinary citizens. Yet support among Western capitals for the protesters is nowhere to be found.
12:37 [The Automatic Earth] (E)
Smear Slander Rinse and Repeat
The way ‘news’ is reported through known outlets changes so fast hardly a soul notices that news as we once knew it no longer exists.
12:10 [The Unz Review] (E)
Why Russia Won`t Invade the Ukraine, the Baltic Statelets or Anybody Else
The AngloZionist propaganda machine is constantly warning us that Russia is about to invade some country. The list of candidates for invasion is long and ranges from Norway to the Ukraine and includes the Baltic statelets, Poland and even countries further West. Of course, we are also told that NATO and the US are here to prevent that. Well, thank God for them, right?
11:57 [Medium] (E)
How We All Became Russia’s ‘Useful Idiots’
Nationalism may have started as a side effect of fake news, but it’s quickly becoming the new American way. The New York Times recently ran one of the most compelling and informative documentaries I’ve seen since Adam Curtis’ mind-blowing Century of the Self series. “Operation Infektion,” as it’s called, is a tragically, egregiously underpublicized and difficult to access trio of 15-minute videos — either lost to the ineptitude of the Times web staff or simply buried in the torrent of other daily news and treasonous revelations.
11:08 [TASS] (E)
UK exploiting Kiev’s Black Sea standoff to whip up anti-Russian rhetoric, says embassy
The United Kingdom and some other Western countries seek to use Kiev’s provocation in the Kerch Strait to stir up anti-Russian rhetoric, a press officer at the Russian Embassy in London said in a statement on Wednesday.
16:17 [Moon oft Alabama] (E)
Syria - `Activist` Posts Fake Picture - Fact Checkers Fall For It
The war on Syria brought up dozens of propagandists. Asaad Hanna is one of them. His screeds were published in the disgraced Guardian, on TRT World, Time, Al-Monitor and elsewhere. He is introduces himself as "a Syrian civil society and human rights activist and an economics graduate from Damascus University" and as "a member of the Free Syria Army Northern Division`s political office". Yesterday at 9:46 utc he tweeted a picture: The Syria Campaign is the U.S. organization that runs the Al-Qaeda clean-up and propaganda squad the White Helmets. It copied the photo from Asaad Hanna`s earlier tweet and tweeted it as if it were the original source.
17:29 [The American Conservative] (E)
It Still Bleeds, But It No Longer Leads
The death of the newspaper industry is being hastened by those who want to profit off of it....Politico’s media critic Jack Shafer reflected on this bloodletting in a column titled “This Is How a Newspaper Dies,” arguing that readers deserve as much—if not more—of the blame. “It was readers who stopped subscribing,” Shafer writes. “It was readers who stopped using newspaper classifieds. It was readers who stopped reading. Readers are the true villains in this murder mystery.”
16:30 [Middle East monitor] (E)
CNN commentator fired for pro-Palestine UN speech
Cable News Network (CNN) has fired commentator Marc Lamont Hill for giving a pro-Palestinian speech at the United Nations.
11:24 [SOTT] (E)
Ken Livingstone: Suffering 37 years of lies and smears by the British press
Just two weeks ago on the BBC`s Question Time, a Tory MP said that Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn was anti-Semitic. Many in the audience hissed. They knew this was just another smear. But it was not the first. From the moment Jeremy became the first genuinely socialist leader for over 30 years, the Tory media has been filled with ridiculous allegations.
20:51 [SOTT] (E)
Masha And The Bear: How `The Kremlin` Set Out to Subvert Our Toddlers
George Galloway - Scottish poet Robert Burns wrote: "Oh would some Power the gift give us, to see ourselves as others see us." I thought of this while reading what is surely the nadir of Russophobic balderdash about the cartoon Masha and the Bear. As it happens I am a Russophile and have been for more than 50 years.
20:00 [Praying Medic] (E)
Qanon: A Freedom of Thought Movement
In its latest attempt to shame Q followers into submission, Wired Magazine wrote an article titled, “Online Conspiracy Groups are a lot Like Cults.” Their thesis: Now that we’ve successfully linked mass shooters and bombers to online conspiracy groups, you might want to reconsider where this Q conspiracy is leading you. Like a watchful parent, the mainstream media believe they know what’s best for you and they want you to heed their advice. An interesting pattern of behavior has emerged recently among the mainstream media.
18:23 [Moon of Alabama] (E)
British Government Runs Secret Anti-Russian Smear Campaigns
In 2015 the government of Britain launched a secret operation to insert anti-Russia propaganda into the western media stream. We have already seen many consequences of this and similar programs which are designed to smear anyone who does not follow the anti-Russian government lines. The `Russian collusion` smear campaign against Donald Trump based on the Steele dossier was also a largely British operation but seems to be part of a different project. The `Integrity Initiative` builds `cluster` or contact groups of trusted journalists, military personal, academics and lobbyists within foreign countries. These people get alerts via social media to take action when the British center perceives a need.
23:11 [Zero Hedge] (E)
ESPN Loses 2 More Million Subscribers In 2018
The collapse of the (politicized) sports bubble is getting more evident, as the devastation in cord-cutting was revealed in Disney`s annual earnings report. It showed ESPN lost 2 million domestic subscribers over the last year, with its base audience decreasing from 88 million in 2017 to 86 million in fiscal 2018. The hemorrhaging was not only sports-related, but Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and Disney XD all lost 3 million subs, while Freeform shed about 2 million, said Variety, an American entertainment trade magazine.
23:10 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Anonymous Exposes UK-Led Psyop To Battle "Russian Propaganda"
The hacking collective known as "Anonymous" published a trove of documents on November 5 which it claims exposes a UK-based psyop to create a "large-scale information secret service" in Europe in order to combat "Russian propaganda" - which has been blamed for everything from Brexit to US President Trump winning the 2016 US election. The primary objective of the "Integrity Initiative" - established in 2015 by the Institute for Statecraft - is "to provide a coordinated Western response to Russian disinformation and other elements of hybrid warfare."
1:41 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Solomon: The Greatest Threat To American Journalism Is The Loss Of Neutral Reporting
Over the past several months, I’ve watched, read and heard much about the potential Armageddon facing the profession of journalism. I’ve watched colleagues proclaim that “fake news” attacks by President Trump, crowd chants of “enemies” and the expulsion of CNN’s Jim Acosta from the White House press room pose the greatest threats to news reporting in history.
1:26 [Media Lens] (E)
How To Be A Reliable ‘Mainstream’ Journalist
There are certain rules you need to follow as a journalist if you are going to demonstrate to your editors, and the media owners who employ you, that you can be trusted.
1:26 [Media Lens] (E)
The Filter Bubble - Owen Jones And Con Coughlin
There is something dreamlike about the system of mass communication sometimes described as `mainstream media`. The self-described `rogue journalist` and `guerrilla poet` Caitlin Johnstone tweeted it well: `The Iraq invasion feels kind of like if your dad had stood up at the dinner table, cut off your sister`s head in front of everyone, gone right back to eating and never suffered any consequences, and everyone just kind of forgot about it and carried on life like it never happened.`
19:47 [The Nation] (E)
How ‘The New York Times’ Deceived the Public on North Korea
Stretching the findings of a think-tank report on Pyongyang’s missile bases is a reminder of the paper’s role in the lead-up to the Iraq War.
0:06 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Hell Hath No Fury Like A Liberal Scorned: The Media Turns On Facebook And Google
Here`s the ugly truth: Facebook and Google are profit-maximizing quasi-monopolies who will do anything to protect their monopolies. Of the many remarkable trend changes of the past year, few are more striking than the fawning embrace of Facebook et al. by Big Media turning to an enraged sense of betrayal. Facebook and Google--by their own self-definitions, shining beacons of liberalism and goodness (we`re not evil, we`re fantabulous!) -- were viewed by the famously liberal Big Media as allies in the fight against Trump, illiberalism, populism, deglobalization, etc.
23:04 [Votairenet] (E)
British Army gets ready to quell anti-Brexit riots
Sunday Times, 18 November 2018: the British Army has been tasked with getting ready to maintain order in the UK’s big cities by working alongside the police. Confronted by the EU’s rigidity, it is unlikely Prime Minister Theresa will be unable to reach an agreement with Brussels.
15:07 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Russia Accused Of Disrupting NATO Drills: Just Another Unfounded Allegation
Finnish Prime Minister (PM) Juha Sipila has accused Russia of interfering with the Global Positioning System (GPS) in Finland’s Lapland region during the Trident Juncture-2018 NATO exercise. NATO fighter jets and surveillance aircraft landed and took off from the airport in Rovaniemi during that training event.
1:39 [Global Research] (E)
War Criminals in High Office Commemorate the End of World War I
In a bitter irony, several of the World’s leaders who were “peacefully” commemorating the end of World War I in Paris including Trump, Netanyahu, Macron and May are the protagonists of war in Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria, Libya, Iraq and Yemen. To put it bluntly they are war criminals under international law. They have blood on their hands. What on earth are they commemorating?
1:26 [Washington`s Blog] (E)
The Fate of Washington’s Blog
I have deep respect for you – the reader of Washington’s Blog – and so I want to share what I’m thinking … and seek your advice.
16:42 [Mondo Weiss] (E)
Another biased pro-Israel ‘NY Times’ report about the latest violence in Gaza
After the latest violence in Gaza, the New York Times once again slants its coverage to humanize Israel and demonize Palestinians.
21:37 [offGuardian] (E)
More Guardian Lies About Nicaragua
Editors note: The Guardian has been on a campaign of lies about Nicaragua. They have taken sides and are not honest reporters but advocates for the coup. Even though the falsity of their reporting has been repeatedly pointed out, they continue on their disgraceful campaign of reporting false stories on Nicaragua.
14:40 [govtslaves] (E)
Here is every QAnon prediction that’s failed to come true
Since exploding on the conspiracy theory scene in October 2017, the self-proclaimed Donald Trump administration insider who calls himself “QAnon” has made a great many predictions of what will be happening next, from specific incidents taking place on exact days, to general claims of great events to come.
14:11 [American Herald Tribune] (E)
New Colonialism and the Colonial Media
The seven Middle East wars of the last two decades mark a new colonial era, driven by a failing empire. But colonization is banned these days, so an ideological cover is needed, and with today’s highly literate populations that cover is provided by an embedded colonial media, backed up by a well-paid NGO sector. This colonial media is required to recycle the new colonial myths, that vicious predatory invasions are ‘humanitarian interventions’, that terrorist proxy wars are ‘civil wars’ led by peaceful protestors, and that the independent target nations are simply illegitimate ‘regimes’ led by evil ‘dictators’.
22:46 [Moon of Alabama] (E)
False Reports In U.S. Media Suggest A Great Deception
The New York Times is lying to its readers about the commitments of an adversarial state. It did not learn a single lesson from its fake reporting that led the Iraq War. It again furthers hostile aggression. In a piece published today, In North Korea, Missile Bases Suggest a Great Deception, the paper lies about North Korea`s commitments
10:26 [American Herald Tribune] (E)
The Colonial Broadcasting Corporation: Selling Out Canadians
The phrase “As It Happens in the U.S.A.” serves well to describe, overall, what Canada’s Colonial Broadcasting Corporation ‘does’ in the world in our time. Canada’s ‘system’ is very special, I believe, devoted to dumbing Canadians, to disguising Canadian information, to broadcasting for its real (non-Canadian) audience ….
10:19 [Mises Institute] (E)
Jeff Deist on "The Show"
The legacy media doesn`t report news, it produces a show. "The Show" lies to us, divides us, inflames the culture wars, and creates political division. The old broadcast networks, cable channels, newspapers, and magazines all actively work against liberty and correct economics—so the importance of alternative sources for news, economics, history, and politics has never been greater. Jeff Deist spoke on the topic of new and old media at our recent event in Texas.
9:35 [RT] (E)
Dirty little secret: ‘Think tanks’ are among top culprits in media disinformation crisis
Most consumers are unaware off the mainstream media’s dirty little secret. Think tanks are increasingly taking advantage of tight news budgets to influence the press agenda in favour of their sponsors. Decades ago, these outfits generally operated as policy advisories. Although, some were comfortably enumerated ‘retirement homes’ for distinguished public servants or intellectuals. However, in modern times, they have become indistinguishable from lobbying firms. With the budgets to match.
8:14 [American Herald Tribune] (E)
Whither Russiagate?
Two years have passed since the 2016 presidential election. Allegations that foreign interference had influenced the result, perhaps decisively, began to surface even as the last ballots were being counted. Against all odds underdog Donald J. Trump had been elected president and the Establishment, which denigrated him throughout the campaign, had to find a scapegoat to explain their failure to elect the preferred candidate. The scapegoat turned out to be Russia.
8:14 [Moon of Alabama] (E)
Two `Russian Influence` Campaigns Claim Victory - One Is Real, The Other One Fake
Two new `Russian` campaigns claim victory in their disinformation campaign against the `west`. One is real and the other one is fake. But - as usual by now - `western` media mistake one for the other. For them the real one is fake and the fake one real*. Proud Bear, a collective of officers of the Russia`s military intelligence service GRU, celebrates its success in arranging Britain`s exit from the European Union. It rented billboards in London to claim its victory.
8:11 [Zero Hedge] (E)
Larry King: "CNN Stopped Doing News A Long Time Ago"
Ex-longtime CNN talk show host Larry King dropped a bomb on his former network of 25 years, telling Russian state-owned RT America that "CNN stopped doing news a long time ago.
22:06 [offGuardian] (E)
Oceania is at War with Fascism
If you’re a critic of global capitalism (sometimes referred to as “globalism”), I’ve got some good news and some bad news for you. The good news is, you’re not a “peddler of Russian propaganda” anymore. The bad news is, you’re an anti-Semite.
22:04 [offGuardian] (E)
Jeremy Hunt and his war against ‘fake news’
I thought it would be helpful to explain my general perspective on the media and the endless warmongering by our governments. One of my observations about many independent news sites is that while you can see much of the readership is enlightened and knowledgeable on these matters, sometimes people feeling vindicated for their beliefs retreat back to their comfort zones.
21:59 [Moon of Alabama] (E)
This NYT Cartoon Helps Trump To Win
Protecting U.S. borders from illegal entry by foreigners is not a valid mission for the U.S. military. Illegally invading and destroying countries in the Middle East, to the benefit of the Zionist entity, is a valid mission.
11:45 [SOTT] (E)
The Demonization of Russia: Interview with John Wight
The barrage of scaremongering by the British press before the football World Cup painted Russia as a tyrannical country unsafe for tourists and football fans alike... but the reality has been very different. So, was this Western media onslaught a mistake, or just the latest installment of post-Cold-War rhetoric to malign Russia?
10:53 [Zero Hedge] (E)
33 Trillion Reasons Why The New York Times Is Wrong About Russiagate
New research shows The New York Times was even further off the mark in blaming Russian social media for Trump’s win... Even more damning evidence has come to light undermining The New York Times‘ assertion in September that Russia used social media to steal the 2016 election for Donald Trump. New research shows that a relatively paltry 80,000 posts from the private Russian company Internet Research Agency (IRA) were engulfed in literally trillions of posts on Facebook over a two-year period before and after the 2016 vote.
17:21 [Zero Hedge] (E)
The Danger In Media Telling Only Half The Story On Political Violence
When mass media displays such a clear bias, then the people who are on the losing end of that bias are not going to be happy...In the last few months, we`ve seen numerous acts of politically motivated or targeted violence. Some of these cases have been plastered all over the news for days or weeks. Some others have been met with deafening silence. And which is which hasn`t exactly been random.
17:20 [Zero Hedge] (E)
The Putin-Nazi-Terrorist-O-Matic
I suppose it was always just a matter of time until the global capitalist ruling classes and their mouthpieces in the corporate media combined their two main official narratives into a Ronco-type 2-in-1 kind of deal. That’s right, folks, your days of switching between the War on Terror official narrative and the Putin-Nazi official narrative are over, because now, for just $19.99, the Putin-Nazi-Terrorist-O-Matic® takes care of all your official narrative needs with just the press of one button! Here’s how it works.
13:31 [SOTT] (E)
Bellingcat & Atlantic Council actively promoted ISIS recruiter as `Syria expert`
New information has come to light regarding the identity of the person behind the @ShamiWitness Twitter account, a conduit for Daesh messaging and recruitment that was heralded for its expertise on the Syria conflict by foreign policy thought leaders in the Beltway and beyond.
19:33 [SOTT] (E)
Despicable: Corporate media rarely informs the public when its commentators are paid shills for foreign governments
Much of the American public despises mainstream corporate media, but rather than engage in some self-reflection and admit failure they just complain about Trump. It`s critical we recognize that mass media in the U.S. is very much part of the very same discredited establishment it`s supposed to report on, thus its response to justified criticism is likewise establishment-esque. Blame the readers, blame Trump, blame anyone but themselves.
10:41 [The Conversation] (E)
How the media encourages – and sustains – political warfare
Since his inauguration, President Donald Trump has been waging war against the American press by dismissing unfavorable reports as “fake news” and calling the media “the enemy of the American people.” As a countermeasure, The Washington Post has publicly fact-checked every claim that Trump has labeled as fake. In August, The Boston Globe coordinated editorials from newspapers across the nation to push back against Trump’s attacks on the press. The Associated Press characterized this effort as the declaration of a “war of words” against Trump.
13:37 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
Why Washington is Courting Hanoi in Vain
More than half a century ago, at the height of Vietnam war US intelligence agencies were demanded to put an end to the partisan movement supporting the National Front for the Liberation of South Vietnam. This resulted in the so-called Phoenix Program being launched which, according to historians, allowed CIA and a number of military bodies assisting it to locate and murder in cold blood more than 80 thousand people. That may have been the first time when American intelligence agencies were given a free hand in their approach to their work, which resulted in mass-executions and sadistic torture techniques getting rampant.
8:58 [RT] (E)
Michael McFaul called out on trying to whitewash Obama`s support for Saudi Arabia
With Donald Trump under fire for defending Saudi arms sales despite the Khashoggi murder, former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul said the Obama administration was less lenient with Riyadh – and was issued a stern rebuke. While the murder of Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Turkey, and the lack of a definitive US response to it, have consumed national headlines, Obama-era ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul was among those who used it to accuse Trump of cozying up to dictators.
8:49 [Zero Hedge] (E)
`Bloggers` Blasted For Questioning Establishment `White Helmets` Narrative
The October 16 issue of NY Review of Books has an article by Janine di Giovani titled “Why Assad and Russia Target the White Helmets”. The article exemplifies how western media promotes the White Helmets uncritically and attacks those who challenge the myth.
1:11 [Zero Hedge] (E)
In NYT Op-Ed, George Soros` Son Blames Trump And "Demonization Of Opponents" For Bomb Packages
In what must be one of the most rapidly written, edited, and published op-eds in New York Times history, Alexander Soros, son of billionaire globalist puppet-master George Soros, has penned a blame-scaping piece pointing directly at president Trump`s "politics of demonizing opponents" as responsible for the bombing of his father, The Clintons, The Obamas, and well anyone else who has received a suspicious package in the last few days and is not in any way right-leaning.
16:03 [Medienschafe] (E)
Teuflisches Theater
Die „Spielzeit“ des absurden, englischen Theaterstücks „Putin bedroht die Welt!“ wird wegen des großen Erfolges verlängert und diesmal steht die „Cybersecurity“ (also der Schutz elektronischer Daten) im dramatischen Mittelpunkt. Russische Spione sollen versucht haben, die OPCW zu „hacken“, was aber zum Glück „vereitelt“ wurde. (Auch aus London und Washington kamen neue Vorwürfe). Woher stammt diese Anschuldigung? Vom holländischen Geheimdienst.
15:16 [James Howard Kunstler] (E)
Lost in Translation
Saturdays, when fewer eyeballs see the paper, The New York Times likes to publish its most extreme ventures into social unreality. Last week’s prank was the story at the top of page one that declared: #WontBeErased: Transgender People and Allies Mobilize Against Trump Administration Proposal. (The accompanying photo featured a rainbow flag, of course, denoting that there was a pot-of-gold awaiting true believers.) This was a response to a Trump administration policy memo calling for “strict definition of gender based on a person’s genitalia at birth,” The Times said.
22:56 [Investmentwatchblog] (E)
It’s crazy how it seems so few people know the full extent of government influence over movies and TV shows.
Recently we discovered that this influence has been much more extensive than people thought. We shouldn’t need to find out about the full extent of that influence through FOIA requests, and that’s assuming we do know about all of it, which I doubt.
15:14 [govtslaves] (E)
Friendly reminder, both Democrats and Republicans passed a bill allowing US Govt to spread propaganda to its own citizens, funded by it’s own citizens
The U.S. government’s mammoth broadcasting arm has begun the “unleashing of thousands of hours per week of government-funded radio and TV programs for domestic U.S. consumption,” John Hudson of Foreign Policy reported on Sunday.
19:09 [New Eastern Outlook] (E)
Rules Based International Order: the Rhetoric and the Reality
Even the most casual observer of the geopolitics of the post world War two period knows that the gap between the rhetoric and the reality is immense. Countries not within the privileged clique of Anglo American European imperialism know this full well and have made the appropriate adjustments to their own policies.
2:49 [The Naked Hedgie] (E)
Is Vladimir Putin evil? (2/3)
Almost from the very start of his presidency, Vladimir Putin has been relentlessly vilified in the western media.
2:48 [SOTT] (E)
Is Vladimir Putin Evil? (1/3)
Western corporate media has cast Vladimir Putin as the main villain of today`s geopolitics.
2:48 [SOTT] (E)
Is Vladimir Putin Evil? (3/3) - The Corruption Thing
One of the main themes used to demonize Putin in the West are the incessant insinuations that he is corrupt and that his corruption enabled him to build up massive personal wealth.
2:27 [offGuardian] (E)
Bellingcat outed by the Independent
The West’s war on Syria, and rapidly heating cold war on Russia, have involved extensive use of smear. Of unsubstantiated or even disproved allegations repeated in our not-so free mediauntil even those who rightly or wrongly – usually wrongly – deem themselves critical thinkers assume, no-smoke-without-fire fashion, there must be truth to them....Who knows, such questions might in their own quiet way help avert WW3. We can but hope.
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