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13:34 [Covert Geopolitics] (E)
We are all liars
Propaganda is a means of spreading ideas, whether they be true or false. But lying to ourselves is nothing other than refusing to admit our faults, attempting to convince ourselves that we are perfect – running away.
20:42 [youtube/The Last American Vagabond] (E)
US Gets Caught Lying About "Incident" With Russian Ships
This is an excerpt of The Daily Wrap Up 6/8.
20:39 [Paul Craig Roberts] (E)
The War On Truth
The construction of the police state that now surrounds Americans and Western peoples generally, has many contributors. Some of the police state’s constructors were well intentioned, such as “child advocates,” but they were ignorant of the likely consequences. In the US the exercise of parental judgment can result in the traumatic seizure of children by the Child Protective Services Gestapo, an arbitrary and unaccountable police with more powers than the Nazi Gestapo.
14:17 [Mint Press News] (E)
Bolton Alleges Iran Maritime Sabotage But Evidence Points Elsewhere
The accusations against Iran come only weeks after US mine-laying ships and divers ran drills in the same area that the alleged sabotage incidents took place.
16:01 [Caitlin Johnstone] (E)
UK Foreign Secretary Defends Torturing Journalists, Then Says We Must Protect Journalists
British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has just given a speech extolling the virtues of a free media, praising the journalists who’ve been brave enough to expose the truth about wicked governments in the face of tyrannical oppression. While he was preparing to give this speech, without any indication of any self-reflection at all, he defended the torture of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.
13:10 [Global Times] (E)
Stereotypical question reveals Regan’s poor understanding of China
During the highly anticipated debate between China Global Television Network`s Liu Xin and Fox Business` Trish Regan on Thursday, the American anchorwoman revealed her poor understanding of China by raising an abrupt question: "How do you define state capitalism?"
10:22 [Mint Press News] (E)
New Website Credder Aims to Fight Fake News, Promote Real Journalism
Credder, a website and browser extension launched this week, aims to spark a revolution in high-quality journalism and a crowd-sourced fight-back against fake news. Credder is a news aggregation service where users can view and rate news and opinion articles for their accuracy and credibility. The aggregate score is displayed to inform readers of the community’s judgment on articles, websites and individual journalists. Both users and verified journalists can rate any article from sites that have agreed to be ranked on the platform.
8:30 [Moon of Alabama] (E)
Death And Resurrection In North Korea
Hyon Song Wol, a singer in North Korea’s famed Unhasu Orchestra, was killed by machine gun along with 11 other members of the orchestra and the Wangjaesan Light Music Band, another popular state-run music group in North Korea, according to a report in The Chosun Ilbo, South Korea’s largest daily newspaper. The report, which cites an anonymous source in China, says the group was arrested Aug. 17 for filming and selling a pornographic video featuring themselves.
22:06 [Oriental Review] (E)
One Man’s Quest To Expose A Fake BBC Video About Syria
It’s a David vs Goliath story. A former local newspaper reporter, Robert Stuart, is taking on the British Broadcasting Corporation. Stuart believes that a sensational video story about an alleged atrocity in Syria “was largely, if not entirely, staged.” The BBC would like it all to just go away. But like David, Stuart will not back down or let it go. It has been proposed that the BBC could settle the issue by releasing the raw footage from the event, but they refuse to do this. Why?
13:50 [A Medium Corporation] (E)
People Will Never, Ever Rebel As Long As They’re Successfully Propagandized Caitlin Johnstone
Since the dawn of civilization, powerful individuals have controlled the stories people tell themselves about who they are, who’s in charge, how a good citizen behaves, what groups should be loved, what groups should be hated, and what’s really going on in the world. When you study what we call history, you’re mostly just reading the ancient proto-propaganda of whatever kingdom happened to win the last war during that period of time. When you study what we call religion, you’re mostly reading stories that were advanced by ancient governments explaining why the people should be meek, forgiving taxpayers instead of rising up and killing their wealthy exploiters.
20:51 [Fair] (E)
There’s Far More Diversity in Venezuela’s ‘Muzzled’ Media Than in US Corporate Press
The international corporate media have long displayed a peculiar creativity with the facts in their Venezuela reporting, to the point that coverage of the nation’s crisis has become perhaps the world’s most lucrative fictional genre. Ciara Nugent’s recent piece for Time (4/16/19), headlined “‘Venezuelans Are Starving for Information’: The Battle to Get News in a Country in Chaos,” distinguished itself as a veritable masterpiece of this literary fad.
21:27 [offGuardian] (E)
The OPCW, Douma & The Skripals
In view of the latest revelations from the leaked report, which seem to prove that at least some elements of the Douma “chemical attack” were entirely staged, we want to take look back at the chaotic events of Spring 2018. What was the agenda behind the Douma false flagWhy was the US response seemingly token and ineffective. Why was the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson fired? What agenda tied the Skripal case to the Douma attack? The following is an extract from an article by Catte originally published April 14th last year, which takes on a greater weight in light of certain evidence – not only that the Douma attack was faked, but that the OPCW is compromised.
17:25 [Global Research] (E)
Canada Joins the Authoritarian Censorship Agenda
Not only will Canadians be forced at gunpoint to pay the salaries of official government script readers described as journalists, but the government is now in the process of making sure the average citizen will be prevented from viewing “misinformation” on social media.
8:59 [Moon of Alabama] (E)
Syria - OPCW Engineering Assessment: The Douma `Chemical Weapon Attack` Was Staged
On April 7 2018 Syrian `rebels` claimed that the Syrian government used chlorine gas and Sarin in an attack on the besieged Douma suburb near the Syrian capital Damascus. They published a series of videos which showed dead bodies of mainly women and children. The claim of the `chemical attack` was made shortly after U.S. President Trump had announced that he wanted U.S. troops to leave Syria. It was designed to "pull him back in" which it indeed did.
8:23 [Moon of Alabama] (E)
Media Amplify Iran War Propaganda - Play Up Intelligence Lies
The Trump campaign launched a propaganda campaign to prepare the public for a war on Iran. The campaign is similar to the one the Bush administration ran in 2002 and 2003 preparation for the war on Iraq. Anonymous officials make claims about alleged `intelligence` that is said to show `Iranian threats` against U.S. `interests`. Iran, it is claimed, has this or that malign motive to do such. Routine military rotations to the Middle East are then declared to be `in response` to the claimed `threats`.
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