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21:00 [The Unz Review] (E)
Militarized Police a Gift from Israel?
The killing of black man George Floyd by white Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has produced the highest level of national unrest seen in the United States since the 1960s. Tens of thousands of protesters are demonstrating against racism and perceived police brutality. As it also comes at a time of coronavirus pandemic and record unemployment, it has the potential to change the U.S. in fundamental ways. The core issue is that many on the left, as well as some on the right, see America’s police as something like an “occupying force,” increasingly self-serving enemies of the people rather than careful protectors of the taxpayers’ lives and property.
14:39 [Strategic Culture Foundation] (E)
Operating Outside the Rule of Law: Washington Pressures International Criminal Court
There is apparently no limit to what the United States and Israel can get away with without any consequences. The United States has been waging devastating economic warfare against Iran and Venezuela while also blaming China for a global health crisis that it is unwilling to help address due to its withdrawal from the World Health Organization. Israel meanwhile is planning on illegally annexing significant parts of the Palestinian West Bank in July, with a green light from the Trump Administration, and no one in Europe or elsewhere is even interested in initiating serious sanctions that might lead to the postponing of that decision. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has even stated flatly that the remaining Palestinians who would be annexed will not become Israeli citizens – they will instead be “subjects” of the Jewish state with no guaranteed rights or privileges.
11:37 [The Unz Review] (E)
Deep Pockets Love Lockdown
Some people enjoy isolation and self-seclusion. The Jewish billionaire David Geffen is one of them. He posted the above picture of his yacht onto Social Media saying: “Isolated in the Grenadines avoiding the virus, I’m hoping everybody is staying safe.” It is probably very different from your self-seclusion, and surely different from the seclusion imposed on a slum-dwelling family of five in their two-room tenement. But very rich guys are used to it. They never go to Walmart. Anything they purchase is delivered. They fly in private jets. They have never shaken hands with a stranger. They live in gated compounds. They are naturally self-isolated.
9:43 [] (E)
Internet Censorship, Ego Death, And Other Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix
It is a known fact that Silicon Valley tech giants have extensive ties to the US government. Like, it’s not a secret. At all. Yet whenever you object to internet censorship you always get people babbling about how it’s a “private company” so it’s okay. If a company is intertwined with government power in myriad ways, how is its deplatforming behavior meaningfully distinct from state censorship? Especially when its willingness to collaborate with the government protects it from antitrust cases, thereby killing any potential competition?
13:20 [Gold Goats `n Guns] (E)
“Don’t Trace Me, Bro” — Just Say No to Contact Tracing
Contact Tracing? Really? That’s the next big government program to push for total surveillance over our lives. Now the real fallout from the Coronapocalypse comes to light. The very people who created a fake pandemic out of faulty statistics, media fear-pimping and the rankest of propaganda are now pushing the total surveillance state to protect us (them?) from the next crisis. James Corbett from the Corbett Report just published an excellent video discussing ‘contact tracing’ as promulgated by (who else?) the Clinton Global Initiative to create an army of new Brown Shirts to assist our wise and benevolent leaders in managing us like livestock.
14:12 [] (E)
Assange Extradition: The Deadly Magistrate
by Craig Murray - Mark Sommers QC, the extremely erudite and bookish second counsel for Julian Assange in his extradition hearing, trembled with anger in court. Magistrate Vanessa Baraitser had just made a ruling that the names of Julian Assange’s partner and young children could be published, which she stated was in the interests of “open justice”. His partner had submitted a letter in support of his Covid-19 related bail application (which Baraitser had summarily dismissed) to state he had a family to live with in London. Baraitser said that it was therefore in the interests of open justice that the family’s names be made public, and said that the defense had not convincingly shown this would cause any threat to their security or well-being. It was at this point Sommers barely kept control. He leapt to his feet and gave notice of an appeal to the High Court, asking for a 14 day stay. Baraitser granted four days, until 4 pm on Friday.
6:34 [Stalker Zone] (E)
Five European Countries Ditched the European Convention on Human Rights
According to information that arrived from the European Parliament, the Council of Europe has received notification from five of its members that they are implementing article 15 of the European Convention on Human Rights. This article states that in the event of war or other emergency threatening the life of the nation, all the provisions of the Convention cease to act. The notification was signed by Latvia, Estonia, Romania, Moldova, and Armenia. After the Council of Europe was informed, the authorities of these countries are no longer obliged to respect the following human rights
12:43 [Craig Murray] (E)
Your Man in the Public Gallery – The Assange Hearing Day 3
In yesterday’s proceedings in court, the prosecution adopted arguments so stark and apparently unreasonable I have been fretting on how to write them up in a way that does not seem like caricature or unfair exaggeration on my part. What has been happening in this court has long moved beyond caricature. All I can do is give you my personal assurance that what I recount actually is what happened.
12:42 [] (E)
Trump’s Betrayal of Julian Assange
by Ron Paul - One thing we’ve learned from the Trump Presidency is that the “deep state” is not just some crazy conspiracy theory. For the past three years we’ve seen that deep state launch plot after plot to overturn the election. It all started with former CIA director John Brennan’s phony “Intelligence Assessment” of Russian involvement in the 2016 election. It was claimed that all 17 US intelligence agencies agreed that Putin put Trump in office, but we found out later that the report was cooked up by a handful of Brennan’s hand-picked agents. Donald Trump upset the Washington apple cart as presidential candidate and in so doing he set elements of the deep state in motion against him.
7:09 [youtube] (E)
Watch Yanis Varoufakis` powerful speech at #FreeAssange event in London
Speech by Yanis Varoufakis at Free Assange event in London, February 22, 2020.
7:35 [rt] (E)
Watch harrowing footage of 2007 Baghdad killings projected onto UK parliament wall in protest against Assange`s extradition
Campaigners have projected the footage of an American airstrike on Iraqi civilians, originally exposed by WikiLeaks, onto the parliament building in London, to protest against the proposed extradition to the US of Julian Assange.
7:40 [youtube/Grayzone] (E)
Max Blumenthal on the imperial NGOs that ignore Julian Assange - and the billionaires behind them
The Grayzone editor Max Blumenthal speaks about the witch hunt against WikiLeaks publisher and political prisoner Julian Assange, and how billionaire-funded "human rights" and "press freedom" non-profit organizations have refused to support him.
16:09 [ahtribune] (E)
American Citizens Killed and Tortured by Israel?
One of the principal functions of a United States Embassy overseas is to provide citizen services, which includes coming to the assistance of Americans who are treated badly by the local government.
7:34 [Consortium News] (E)
Ray McGovern: German TV Exposes the Lies That Entrapped Julian Assange
A major German TV network has aired an interview with the UN rapporteur on torture that reveals the invention of the Swedish “rape” case against Julian Assange. Truth has broken through for those confused about how a publisher ended up in a maximum security prison in London with a one-way extradition ticket to court in the U.S. and the rest of his life behind bars. One of the main German TV channels (ZDF) ran two prime-time segments on Wednesday night exposing authorities in Sweden for having “made up” the story about Julian Assange being a rapist.
7:30 [Stalker Zone] (E)
“Sacral Victim Used to Intimidate Russians”: How “Spy” Oleg Burak Is Tortured in a Latvian Prison
Oleg Burak, a former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Latvia, accused of espionage, described the methods that the State Security Service uses to get a confession from him. Former employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Latvia, pensioner Oleg Burak, detained by the Security Police of the country (renamed the State Security Service – SSS) on suspicion of spying for Russia, wrote an “Appeal to the people of Latvia” about judicial lawlessness. “Baltnews” publishes fragments of his letter.
7:30 [Stalker Zone] (E)
Russian Professor in Latvia Faces 17 Years in Prison for Being an International Observer in a Russian Presidential Election
On February 7th another session of the Vidzemsky District Court of Riga was held concerning the case of the indictment of human rights defender and professor Aleksandr Vladimirovich Gaponenko....The most important episode in the charge of undermining the constitutional order of Latvia is participation as an international observer in the Russian presidential election. His guilt is proved by the presence in the materials of the criminal case of the invitation signed by the Chairman of the State Duma of Russia Vyacheslav Volodin. The Russian professor faces up to 17 years of imprisonment on all counts.
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